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  1. If anyone is willing to share their homemade tabs, this is a place to do it. For example, you could type tabs like: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -0-3-3-3-5-5-8-7-8-7-8-5-5-7-7-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Each line represents a guitar or bass string... For those who can do drum tab, go ahead and guitar tab is the same except with six lines. Enjoy!
  2. Right now, I like playing Uprising on a electric guitar How about we share our homemade tabs in this group... I will start a discussion
  3. Anybody on this forum should want to meet Muse!! This is a Muse Forum. I do...
  4. Please join [my group] I need more people in it. It is sort of a joke :uka:, but you only have 2 groups, so you might as well...:D

    Anyways, I sent you a friend request because you are also a Muse Fan/ Guitarist. I am working on tabbing Uprising... Have most of it done. :\mm/:

  5. I play!!! Maybe we could share our homemade tabs for songs
  6. Please Please Please.... Need them to come to Chicago. It is almost the second biggest city in the US, and the last time they came was 2004?!?!? Seriously, Chicago is a OBVIOUS choice. Please... We need you in Chicago.
  7. Please join [my group]







    Double Pits to Chesty!!!:LOL::D:LOL::D:LOL::D:LOL::D:LOL::D

  8. Hello Muse Fans, Now that you have joined this group, I would like to start a discussion about the best Double Pits to Chesty Videos. Which is your favorite? How did you learn about Double Pits to Chesty? Please respond, the Double Pits to Chesty Fans need you to. P.S. For those of you who have not seen a Double Pits to Chesty Video, [here] is the BMX one and [here] is the one where he jumps a golf cart. Enjoy!
  9. After listening to the 30 second clips, how do you think the Resistance will turn out?
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