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    Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, Absolution, Black Holes & Revelations, The Resistance (Box set), The 2nd Law, HAARP, Absolution tour, Live at Rome, Drones, Simulation Theory
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    Mexico City, Apr 2010
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    London, Apr 2016
    Mexico City, Oct 2019
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  1. So, as you've probably read, Showbiz was a crowd request in Mexico. Fans were shouting "Showbiz! Showbiz!" between songs until Matt said "ok ok, we'll give it, we'll give it, but we haven't played it for eight months so we'll give it a go". Bliss was supposed to be played instead.
  2. Matt is a good frontman when he does what he does best, which is... actually playing. He looks awkward trying to get people to sing and clap.
  3. That story of the drumstick reminds me of how I got one of Chris' picks on Sunday in London. I was at the barrier and at the end of the gig he stood in front of us, I started waving my hands to catch his attention and when he saw me, I pointed at the picks in the microphone. He took them and threw one at me. It fell on the other side of the barrier and I had to stretch my arm to pick it up. It was physically painful but worth it. To be fair, we had a good setlist in London. My disappointment came the day after when I read that was the first time they played Feeling good in this European tour . No PIB, no CE... Feeling good.
  4. Update after my fifth gig 5x Uprising Starlight Supermassive black hole Knights of Cydonia (mixed feelings when it's the closer) Time is running out (it has become my favourite song live) 4x Hysteria Plug in baby 3x Madness Isolated system Resistance Undisclosed desires Map of the problematique Stockholm syndrome Feeling good (Really?) 2x Pyscho Reapers Drones (does it count?) Supremacy Panic station Survival Follow me Animals Unsustainable United States of Eurasia Unnatural selection New born Bliss (both extended, yay!) 1x Dead inside Mercy The handler The globalist Liquid state Explorers Save me MK Ultra Exogenesis I Take a bow Assassin (GOB, yay!) Butterflies & Hurricanes (I can die in peace) Blackout Sunburn Unintended Dead star Futurism Agitated I wish there was more from OoS, but I'm happy with that.
  5. Guys, this may be a basic question but are backpacks allowed in the stadium? I'm not sure about taking it to the venue.
  6. I wanted to go to this concert but I still cannot believe it is on the same day as the Champions League final. I think I'm going to Wembley instead, I love Muse but I just can't say no to an European Cup final at Wembley.
  7. Hi,


    I was wondering if you have already sold the tickets for the 26th. If they're still available, I'd like to know the conditions of sale.




  8. Hi Gocanux


    I wondered if you have already sold the tickets for the 26th in London. If they're still available, I'd love to buy them.




  9. Hi!


    Probably it's too late, but have you already sold the tickets for the 26th? Let me know if they're still available.




  10. Some of my friends now like Muse because of me One of them loves rock music and he was caught by Knights of Cydonia and Assassin. I convinced the girl I like to listen to Muse with Resistance and Starlight (pretty obvious, haha). A third one loved the Showbiz era. I think it all depends on the musical tastes each person have, and that's a good point about Muse, their music is varied, you can show someone the rock face of Muse with songs like TiRO, KoC or Hysteria as well as songs with a pop sound like IBTY or Starlight. Other people who like the piano and strings and that kind of relaxing music would also love B&H or USoE.
  11. MK Ultra ....................... 141 Hysteria ....................... 109 Undisclosed desires ...... 102 Resistance .................... 88 United States of Eurasia . 82 I belong to you ............... 78 Knights of Cydonia ......... 76 Starlight ......................... 76 Uprising ......................... 64 Plug in baby ................... 63 And I thought the album I listen to the most was BH&R...
  12. On guitar: Time is running out Exo-politics Starlight Knights of Cydonia On bass: Plug in baby Citizen Erased Time is running out Hysteria Stockholm Syndrome Butterflies & Hurricanes Starlight Supermassive black hole Exo-politics City of delusion Knights of Cydonia Unintended MK Ultra Resistance I belong to you On drums: Starlight =D
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