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  1. I was olly- I private messaged you. I joined on 15th July, I thought to both and it asked me to reregister on muse.mu yesterday and now I have 2 passwords for one username but no code. Im confused and gutted. If I did make mistake of only joining message board and not muse.mu (but Im sure I did!) does that make me not worthy of a code? i seems very unfair. Now touts will soak up whats left in Fridays sales and I'll not get to go Thankyou for your help by the way- not sure if your in charge here or just know whats going on!
  2. and I guess no garantee at box office either as they only have 2000 tickets for each night

  3. I honestly joined on 15th July. Don't know whats happened. I feel so sad. The main sale will be rammed I'll never get a ticket. Willing to drive to teignmouth for box office but its long way and seems so unfair as I am genuine fan and thought I was registered properly. I don't have tickets for main tour.

  4. I don't have code for presales!!! help I have looked in the right place!!
  5. hey Im currently in complete dispair as I have no unique code for presales :(

  6. hi (:

    i think youre the second person ive seen whos from bristol!

  7. Im sooo confused I can't get hold of my unique member number for presale tickets tommorrow? there is nothing in my edit bit...what do I do to get into presale??? pleeeeeeease please help! :)

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