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  1. I've got 2 balcony seats for tonight, bought them about 5 mins into general sale in panic that the whole show might get sold out. Quite depressing to find MUCH better seats available past week on tm... This'd be my first time having seats for a concert, and i was wondering... can I move up? There's gonna be some leftover seats for sure as they're still available on tm. Well I don't know much about it but any experiences for you guys? help please... *I got 1st row balcony
  2. This was quite awhile ago.. my friend and I started making up random stories on fb, and I decided to put mine up here for fellow Musers for a little fun. See how many songs you can find & a hidden story relating AP Euro He had found the boy with the small print during a blackout in the city of delusion, united states of eurasia, inside the house of the rising sun in a land ruled by secrecy where knights of cydonia galloped gloriously across the land. It took him only 3 days, because he had the map of the problematique as well as the map of your head. The boy was a screenager, so Jason had to shine the razor blades to convince him to come out to the dark alley. Once he got out, Jason shot the boy with an MK ultra, a gun crafted by Matthew Bellamy himself. He fell, breathless, cursing at the shrinking universe.. and fell into a bliss. Bystanders who saw the megalomaniac at work ran away in hysteria. With the boy in his hands, Jason was set to go back to his cave, following the guiding light that was provided by the deadstar. At last, the moment had come. He shouted, "Mon Cœur S'ouvre À Ta Voix! Ah! Reponds a ma tendresse verse-mos. Verse-moi l'ivresse. Reponds a ma tendresse!" In a moment, a supermassive black hole had appeared and Daniel was brought up from the depth of elba. Once stranded, was now set free. Immediately thereafter, they sailed forth Europe. The uprising has just begun... the resistance is the new album by muse. buy it.
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