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  1. Thats not correct at all. The chords in the outro are the same but the melody underneath is completely off. Access virus as in synth?
  2. Can someone help me a bit with the outro to trumpet or tap by biffy? The tuning is C# G# C# F# A# D#. I can't quite tell if he is playing some open chord or if his thumb is playing the 10th fret on the lowest string which would make sense. The melody he's playing underneath sounds something like this A# ---13 --12 -- 10 and then one part is A# --8-12--8-12-- right? From around 3.00
  3. Hi. Im practicing Sounds like balloons by Biffy and I think I need some guidance in regards to the time signature. I've got no problem playing it sort of by feel but when I try to use a metronome it gets hard. The song apparently is in 5/4 and 142bpm. But I struggle with counting it. I guess I need to count one on the 2(G#), two on the 4(F#), three on the 4(C#), four on the 0h2h4(F#) and five on the 0(G#) or something like that but it kind of gets really weird. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Eb|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bb|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F#|----4----0h2h4-----4----0h2h4--- ---4---- 0h2h4--- --4--- -0h2h4- C#|------4--------------4------------ ---4------------ --4----------- G#|--2------------0-2----------- -0~-2------------ 0-2------------0~-- C#|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Damn that high falsetto note in the ending of the first chorus! Around 1.53
  5. Me too, just a little bit. Im also getting a metal vibe, something Avenged sevenfold-ish. Off-topic: Was it this thread someone talked about the jams? And said they wanted Monty jam to become a song? This is the closest thing in my mind.
  6. Any help might be found here http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=77612
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