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  1. Soldier's poem is cheesy?! I dunno about that one... Anyway, whether it's 3 songs over 7 years or 6 songs over 4 years isn't the point. My point is that Matt has always had a soft spot for these *types* of songs. It is not some new phenomenon. I do completely agree about Endlessly. THAT is how you handle a love song. The tone of that song completely wipes away the cheese. However, some might argue that we only think of it that way because it's kind of a depressing song. Name a Muse song that handles the topic of love in a very upbeat way without being "cheesy" (as defined by most people on this board).
  2. To be fair, from each album: A few from Showbiz (i.e. Fillip, Sober) PIB (sorry, blasphemy, I know) TSP Invincible Exo Part 3 and the chorus of Resistance Keep in mind I still think these are better than many other "good" tracks from other bands. These are just the ones from muse that don't get me going very much.
  3. Bliss is right up there as one of my favorites. I guess what I have to keep in mind is that we are talking about shades of gray here, not just "compressed vs. not compressed." I'm sure I would not be turned off by a less compressed version of MoTP. I will admit I haven't perused every page of this thread, so apologies if this has already been covered, but I wish I could hear a comparison of a Muse song mastered in two versions. Not just an existing song that someone has tinkered with on their own, but two professionally mastered versions. I'd be really curious to see which appealed to me (and to everyone) more. To be fair, one has to cut Matt and co. a little bit of slack; they must've at least considered this whole idea when finalizing BH&R. Or do you think it was a situation where they just keep gradually amping it up and didn't realize how "loud" it was until after they had finished mastering, like a frog that will remain still in a pot of water as it's heating up on a stove? What would you say is the most dynamic Muse song, and what specifically in the song demonstrates this quality? I would like to get inside the ear of a self-acclaimed audiophile such as yourself!
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