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  1. I cant believe Falling Down has no votes! Spiral Static has 2!? Mmmmmmm.....
  2. WHAT A GIG!!! Today I've been on Cloud Muse. It was just awesome yeah?! We got on barrier by front sound desk and could see the guys. I had a wobble during SS. I've seen it live many times but it's the first time I've been able watch MATT's SOLO WITH MY OWN EYES 😵 I wasn't dissapointed 😘
  3. when your after dinner Xmas party game is inserting as many titles of Muse songs into the conversation... and half the family don't even like Muse or know what you are talking about. But you still think it's a great game that is highly entertaining...
  4. Woe is me!!!! I am so sad! Sad in attitude! Sad in emotion! I haven't received my email link to the Xmas gift! I am still hoping that this random oddness is Tom letting us know in his craaazie way that we should expect a late Xmas pressie yet others seem to have received the link?? Woe!!!
  5. I wish I'd just bought it from a shop in person. I wouldn't mind half as much but I was charged immediately the full price for the item so they've had my money since October whilst I have nothing. Pre-ordering is a racket, and I wont be doing it again.
  6. My Blu Ray still hasn't arrived. I anybody else still waiting? Should I be worried?
  7. Wow there are some really grumpy sods around who need to lighten up!!! Peace & Love <3
  8. You reminded me that we waved like crazy and shouted "HELLOOOO!!!!""" to Matt when he looked directly into the camera down into the audience. But we were front row so it was pretty intense!!! hahaha It seems to me that Muse fans are getting younger and younger, which is no bad thing, and sometimes it's forgotten that their fans span the generation. Certainly my mum is a huge fan, and yet she didn't fancy the cinema at all! THE COFFINS. Aren't they supposed to be vampires? The point being that they live off other people like parasites? Also, is he exorcising them - making them *good* as per the lyrics of Undisclosed Desires? That was my interpretation at least, but hell yeah pretty RANDOM scene really!
  9. There were only 25 or so people at our screening and me and my sister in law were the only ones to get OUT OF OUR SEATS TO DANCE n JUMP!!! We made sure we got back seats so we didn't disturb anybody, but the place was mainly empty (!!!!!!) so there was lots of room for everybody to show their enthusiasm as they wished. I think the audience probably felt too shy of showing such outward emotion in a cinema... The sound was pretty poor quality at the back, and the screen too small so in the end we took the front seats which were all empty (!!!!!!!!) and we sat back an relaxed..... WOW!!!! WE WERE ON THE STAGE WITH MUSE!!!!! :D:D They were 20 ft tall!!!! O M G!!!!! Chris's thighs alone were 5 foot wide!!!! We chucked our arms in the air and thumped the air when appropriate. IE Lots!! I even got on my KNEES and rocked it out to SMBH which was just incredible. Yes my knees hurt, and yes I felt bashful when I jumped up during Follow Me and ran up the aisle to the back of the hall past all 25 people to have a dance n Jump ON MY OWN! But hell, Follow Me has them belting it out completely in sync and I just couldn't help myself. The ironic thing is that in my 40th year I was defo the oldest person in there. And yes, I acted the youngest, and enjoyed every bloody minute. I've never lost my voice in a cinema before! Lesson in life - ENJOY EVERY MOMENT Remember - "This life's too good to last" I am SO THANKFUL that we are around to enjoy Muse in all their glory. Highlights, SMBH and Survival.
  10. Some of you guys are so harsh! o,O MUSE - THANKS FOR THE CHEEKY STAGE AND SECRET LINK!! I love Falling Down live. Smoooooth... happy christmas :-)
  11. Big Freeze. I'm trying so hard to like it. I've now started to try and focus on just the drumming, but the Edge inspired guitar is just too much. It's catchy and i do listen to it. I have to say that this album is at present an equal to Absolution. I couldnt bear Unsustainable until I saw it live and it was the most freakin' awesome thing I've ever seen Muse do live.
  12. It was Epic!!! Unsustainable was a Fantastic opener! The lights, sounds, vocals - all outstanding. We are witnessing Muse go up a gear... I've been waiting for a long while and they defo have their mojo at the mo! (MOVEMBER!!) Yaay!!!
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