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    First Gig in Montreal on March 10 2010! Quebec City on October 21 2010! Québec City in 2013, and Québec City on January 23th, 2016
  1. This is the BEST NEWS EVER! Totally made my day! For years I've watched all these outdoors shows in Europe with envy. Now I'm gonna live it. Awesome!:D:D
  2. Totally agree with Bliss, CE, Assassin or Fury. I haven't seen any of these songs live yet and that would definitely make my night!
  3. The Grande Allée is definitely the place to go. Lined up with great restaurants and bars, you can hop from one to another all night long. The food is to die for, the ambiance is very nice and be prepared to go to bed quite late. Famous bars include the Dagobert, Maurice, Pub St-Patrick and Pub Dorsay, to name a few. Go the this Web site : https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Attractions-g155033-Activities-c20-Quebec_City_Quebec.html) Or this one : http://www.quebecregion.com/en/quebec-city-and-area/grande-allee/ Enjoy you stay!
  4. The reviews are out for the first show this week in Quebec City. I checked without actually checking because I did not want to get spoiled, but it looks like it was a hell of a show. Headlines were raving! Yeah!
  5. It kind of piss me off to know that when I've tried from the get go to get tickets like these and was prevented to by some system or I don't know what... When you're there from the first presale and all you are presented with are crappy tickets... I finally managed to get decent tickets, but not good ones like these... Anyway, we'll have a great night for sure. I've been listening to their albums and shows for weeks now to get me in the mood (as if I need this to be in the mood lol). Counting the days now!
  6. The Old Quebec City is definitely a must for your first time in this beautiful city! I almost made a reservation at the Hotel Les Coutelliers myself, but chose Hotel Manoir Victoria this time around. Earlier this year, we stayed at the Hotel Clarendon and we were very satisfied. Very well situated near St-Jean street, which is so beautiful. Make sure to have warm outerwear so you can enjoy walking around during the week-end, you won't regret it. Winter time in Old Quebec City is truly magical, provided you're well equipped to enjoy it. Have a wonderful time in this beautiful city and what better way to complement your sightseeing than going to a Muse show I wonder?
  7. I got tickets in the JJ row for this show, so that answers the question
  8. I've seen them in Mtl and in Québec City on every tour since 2010 and Québec City was as loud and wild than Mtl in my opinion!
  9. It totally was! I was so impressed by the way it was organized! It totally rocked! Nice idea!
  10. That's awesome! I'm proud of us. If they see that they have a great fan base here, maybe they will come more often to festivals and such. I've been dying to see them at the Québec Summer Festival for years! Every time I see footage of Glastonbury or Reading festivals, I'm so jealous
  11. You may be right. I made peace with it since yesterday, telling myself that I will have a more global view of the show for the first time since I always saw them from the barrier up until now. The scene is central after all, so it's meant to be awesome. Besides, we won't have to wait outside all day long in freezing January weather!!!
  12. It's the fist time this has ever happened to me. For every show I went since 2010, I always managed to get GA tickets during the presale. I barely managed to get tickets this morning with another presale, but once again, no GA tickets. I mean, what the hell?? I can't complain though, because I got tickets in the 100 section, but I so wanted GA again. So much stress during these presales lol
  13. I don't know what the hell is happening during this presale. From the moment I clicked on General Admission at 10h sharp, I got the message that there wasn't enough tickets to fulfill my request. I've been clicking and clicking non stop for an hour now and still can't get through. And now, the General Admission and Reserved Price 1 options just disapeared. I find it hard to believe there's no more tickets in GA and Reserve Price 1 seats, come on! I think we had a very small amount of tickets reserved for us, that's what I think. I am so bummed right now... Are there others who had the same experience?
  14. You're right, it was the Resistance Tour! Last tour was epic! Got the tours mixted up
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