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    I'm single so girls... No seriously. When I wrote this I got a Blackout.
    Get it?! Get it?! Huh?
    Oh geez, I'll stop this now.
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    Music, football and bandy
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    Poor student with dreams of the future
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    Teodor Kjell
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    Muse, Radiohead, Kaizers Orchestra, Fleet Foxes, Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, Cake, Kings of Leon, The Mars Volta, and many others...
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    Band of Brothers, Dexter
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    What's good at the moment.
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    Origin of Symmetry
    Hullabaloo DVD
    Black Holes and Revelations
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    24 Oktober 2009
    I'm so excited!!
  1. Come on people! Muse have been letting go of Bliss and Citizen Erased lately, I really want to see those songs, please vote them, if you haven't yet. Sure, Hoodoo and Assassin are quite good, but in all honestly, they are a bit of a yawn live.
  2. Haven't got any really weird reactions, actually. The funniest thing was how I found my classmate was a Muse fan too. Well, we were doing some group work in class and our group is a bit unfocused and stirring, so my friend shouts: "SIT THE FUCK DOWN!!" I reply: "Haha! Muse! <3" Her: "You're a fan of Muse?!" We didn't notice it through their music...
  3. I thought "It won't be long before I'll disturb you in the dark" from Megalomania was "It won't be long before I will stab you in the dark" It sounded cool and right so... Got shocked when I found at the truth.
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