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  1. Thanks, yeh that's a cool sounding distortion. I still dont get why its better than the distortion on my kustom though coz that kicks ass
  2. but cant you just turn down the highs on a solid state overdrive and then you get a warmer sound and turn the treble up on a valve overdrive to get a less warm sound? just wondering what "valve stage, is an overdrive/distortion based on the 12AU7. It means you get a much warmer od than most solid-state overdrives." means?
  3. The body looks great. The neck looks really wide. Why is that? I thought it was a 7 string at first. Ilove a 7 string like matts on hulabuloo
  4. wow dude your raps are pretty good, I learned to rap while I was schooling in the hood I love rock music unlike most of my friends, they all beat me up when i played them "the bends" that's why i love rage, the perfect combination, rapping and rock brings this sense of elation i just dont get that with muse or radiohead, thats why i'm so surprised to see a rapping thread on the muse messageboard, its pretty fresh yo, we need more contributions, your turn, go!
  5. What does this do? I'm interested in electronics and I play guitar, but i've never had any pedals.
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