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  1. No Festivals in 2013: http://3voor12.vpro.nl/nieuws/2012/oktober/jan-smeets-over-pinkpop13.html Jan Smeets, head of the dutch Pinkpop-Festival announces that Muse won't headline next year as they don't do any festivals in 2013.
  2. Okay, it was pretty expensive. I do think so aswell, but as I don't go to several concerts a tour I still dont see, why every gig has to be totally unique? For me it was worth it. Face it: Its a buisiness, sad but true. The cost-benefit-ratio of a changing setlist every night with an expensive show around each song just totaly doesnt make it worth it. But here is the good thing: If you know what they are going to play and you dont like it, you can just not go (again)! The duration of the show might be a point worth discussing, but i totally dont see, why they should change the set each night. I dont go the circus and complain about the artists and clowns doing the same perfomance they did 2 nights ago and if I see a play twice I wouldn't mind if the actors don't perform a differnet ending than they did the first time i went there... As long as the band doesn't get bored of it and shows this to the audience, its rather fair not to play 15 songs here and 20 there. It was nice for me to see that the guys seemed to have fun on stage as we had in front of it.
  3. If you go to a gig with, say 15.000 people, how many of them do you think read this stuff here or check out the setlist of previous gigs of this tour? Maybe 100, maybe 300 -I dont know, but only a very few. Has any of you been to one of their shows? Have you recognized how complex and costly this is? Its rather a musical then a concert with all those videos and the elaborate light-performance and all this. Plus, as you know Muse are perfectionists - So I'm sure they thought about which songs they play in which order to please the audience. So why would anyone want to change all this or think of 10 different variations only because some of the people in the venue know already which song is going to be next? I personally didnt check for the setlist or pics or videos before I went to the concert, well the show (!) and I was absolutely thrilled, though they played a lot of stuff I didn't have on my wishlist and did not play most of my favorits. But the crowd was happy and so was I.
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