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    The 2nd Law, The Resistance, Absolution
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    Manchester 01/11/12
  1. Im here in I think the right seat sat alone like a socially awkward tulip. Should still be great though!
  2. lol, quite a fitting title. My seats are in Block 109 on lower tier. Should be a decent view.
  3. Guys, I'm in a bit of a bother. Basically, I'm so keen to go and I have 2 seated tickets. My friend who I was meant to be going with cancelled on me... yesterday! There are a few other friends who I could invite and probably would come but they wouldn't pay for the other ticket, which is fair enough as they are not Musers and I do need the money at the moment being a poor overdrawn student. I don't mind going alone however and have already posted the ticket on Musebay and gumtree where all I want is what I paid for the ticket! I'm not getting a bite though :/ I'm thinking off trying to flog it outside the venue but I've never done that before so not sure if that would work? The lucky person who does buy my ticket does have the privilege of sitting next to me... yay! Anyone got any advice?? Thanks (1st world problems)
  4. Hey, my friend who I was meant to go with has dropped out I'm willing to sell a ticket if anyone is interested, block 109, Row J 3/4. I'll be going anyhow on my own. Check out my post on Musebay.
  5. Hey guys, this will be my first muse gig ever . Can anyone tell me what time I should try to arrive at the arena for? I understand the doors open at 1800 but surely people will be queing? also what's the best way to get to the arena from Picadilly gardens? Thanks EDIT: actually thinking about it, I have seated tickets so I guess there's no reason for me to queue as I already know where I'll be sitting?
  6. It's my favourite track on the album. I get shivers down my spine every time I listen to it. I think because it's just so hauntingly beautiful.
  7. Hey yourself, thanks for adding me.

  8. Does anyone NOT like Hysteria or Stockholm Syndrome? Just wondering because they're two of my favourite songs and i'm interested what others think.
  9. Showbiz: Muscle Museum Origin of Symmetry: Bliss Absolution: Hysteria Black Holes & Revelations: Map of the Problematique
  10. Hmm, I think I still remember the order in which I discovered the awesomeness of Muse. First sogn I heard was Starlight and Knights of Cydonia which I loved, then I got given more and more slowly by my Muser friend like Plug In Baby, Time is Running Out, Hysteria then I discovered Bliss and then the rest!
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