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    Met Matt and Dom at Melbourne Airport 25/01/10 :)
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  1. Hey Ashleigh, expect an announcement from Muse soon! Should be this week hopefully

  2. hey dude. ooooh on youtube? i think White Lies played glastonbury i love them. okies i shall give that a listen, always up for something different, dont listen to Coldplay tbh

  3. Hey, i can't even remember the last time i got a message from anyone on here but nice to hear from someone! I've been on here on and off mainly on some other threads and other band threads. Just enjoyed Coldplay's Glastonbury's performance. You should check out one of their new songs called Moving To Mars, really impressive.

  4. woah i havent been on here for ages. hardly any of my other friends come on here anymore. nothing much happening in the world of Muse...starting to miss them

  5. Happy Birthday! :party:

  6. Barrier is so fun! lol, or becoming emotionally 'obsessed' like i am :LOL: oh well, other bands i like will tour here in the meantime.

  7. That's good. Yeah standing is the best, especially on the barrier. I know i've been sad about realising it's gonna be a few years before it all happens again. It's the result of getting emotionally attatched to them i guess

  8. sorry, when you posted that i had already left. both nights were fucking amazing!!! last night especially was epic, i got on the barrier with my best muser friend! had so much fun and the show/performance they put on is just the best thing ive ever seen and heard. bloody awesome. so sad its all over :(

  9. So how was it and what are you expecting for tonight?

  10. I managed to say quite a bit actually! I spoke to Dom about leopard print and converse, then got a signature from Matt while I told him I met boyfriend on Twitter because of Muse and he said 'oh yeah how's that going?' XD got Chris' sig too. Tonight I'm in the seats. Will be able to take some videos :) Thank you! aah it's going to be amazing!

  11. Cool what'd you say to them? And are you sitting or standing tonight? Have an awesome time anyway.

  12. Yep just checked it and you're still the only comment, but the comp is over now i guess.

  13. you probs wont want to see my Facebook page, i met Muse yesterday :p

  14. ooooh right. oh well next time then. thats ok :)

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