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  1. 1-Exogenesis 2-Time Is Running Out 3-Citizen Erased 4-Stockholm Syndrome 5-Starlight 6-MK Ultra 7-New Born 8-Plug In Baby 9-Knights of Cydonia 10-The Small Print 11-I Belong To You 12-Hysteria 13-Uprising 14-Butterflies & Hurricanes 15-Micro Cuts 16-Muscle Museum 17-Soeked 18-Unintended 19-Undisclosed Desires 20-Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)
  2. Hello all you people, I wanna know wich you guys is the best muse song! To find out, Ill make a topic where you can vote for your favorite song... Rules: Give songs points from 1-10; For example: 10-Exogenesis Symphony 9-Citizen Erased 8-Stockholm Syndrome 7-Time Is Running Out 6-Starlight 5-Plug In Baby 4-MK Ultra 3-Knights of Cydonia 2-Muscle Museum 1-Butterflies & Hurricanes After every half weak (Thursdays) I'll count the votes and the 10 songs with the less votes will not be "vote-abled" anymore. (Ill try to count the votes every time) DON'T EDIT ANYTHING AFTER POSTING! Im counting a bit at the time!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The songs you can vote for now: Agitated Apocalypse Please Ashamed Assassin Bedroom Acoustics Blackout Bliss Boredom Butterflies & Hurricanes Can't Take My Eyes Off You Cave Citizen Erased City of Delusion Coma Con-Science Crying Shame Darkshines Dead Star Do We Need This Endlessly Escape Eternally Missed Execution Commentary Exo-Politics Exogenesis: Symphony Easily Feeling Good Fillip Forameus Falling Away with You Falling Down Falling With the Crowd Forced In Fury Futurism The Gallery Glorious The Groove Guiding Light Hate This & I'll Love You Hoodoo Host House of the Rising Sun Hyper Chondriac Music Hyper Music Hysteria I Belong to You In Your World Invincible Jimmy Kane Knights of Cydonia Map of Your Head Map of the Problematique Megalomania Micro Cuts Minimum Muscle Museum MK Ultra Nature 1 Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) New Born Nishe Overdue Piano Thing Pink Ego Box Please Please Please, Let Me Get What I Want Plug In Baby Ruled by Secrecy Resistance Recess The Small Print Soaked Sober Soldier's Poem Space Dementia Spiral Static Starlight Stockholm Syndrome Sunburn Supermassive Black Hole Screenager Shine Showbiz Shrinking Universe Sing for Absolution Take a Bow Thoughts of a Dying Atheist Time Is Running Out Twin Undisclosed Desires Unintended United States of Eurasia Unnatural Selection Uno Uprising Yes Please For Exogenesis you have to vote only for the hole symphony!!!
  3. Showbiz:  1-Muscle Museum 2-Unintended 3-Showbiz 4-Falling Down 5-Cave 6-Sunburn 7-Fillip 8-Escape 9-Uno 10-Hate This & I'll Love You 11-Sober 12-Overdue  Origin of Symmetry:  1-Citizen Erased 2-Plug In Baby 3-New Born 4-Bliss 5-Micro Cuts 6-Hyper Music 7-Space Dementia 8-Megalomania 9-Feeling Good 10-Darkshines 11-Screenager  Absolution:  1-Time Is Running Out 2-Stockholm Syndrome 3-Hysteria 4-The Small Print 5-Sing For Absolution 6-Butterflies & Hurricanes 7-Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist 8-Ruled By Secrecy 9-Apockalypse Please 10-Blackout 11-Endlessly 12-Falling Away With You 13-Interlude 14-Intro  Black Holes & Revelations:  1-Starlight 2-Knights of Cydonia 3-Map of The Problematique 4-Exo Politics 5-Take A Bow 6-City of Delusion 7-Supermassive Black Hole 8-Invincible 9-Hoodoo 10-Assasin 11-Soldier's Poem  The Resistance:  1-Exogenesis Part 3 Redemption 2-Exogenesis Part 2 Cross Pollination 3-MK Ultra 4-Exogenesis Part 1 Overture 5-I Belong To You 6-Undisclosed Desires 7-Uprising 8-Resistance 9-Unnatural Selection 10-United States of Eurasia 11-Guiding Light
  4. Showbiz - Muscle Museum Origin of Symmetry - Citizen Erased Absolution - Time Is Running Out Black Holes and Revelations - Starlight The Resistance - Exogenesis Part 3
  5. Exogenesis Symphony is the real masterpiece...after that it's Citizen Erased for me!!!!
  6. My favorite is Starlight music video!!!I like the thing on the ship and the pyrotecnics are awesome!!!
  7. Starlight Time Is Running Out Exogenesis Hysteria I Belong To You
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