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    Keeps: Uno live at Astoria in 2000, Matt's grey patterned jumper he wore to the Shockwaves NME Awards in 2009, the toilet used in The Making Of Uprising to record the finger clicks, Unnatural Selection lyrics and Dom's stubble
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  1. I'm confused... Haley says she'll be at the Hilton Wembley Plaza, and you're saying The Wembley Hotel...? I'm staying at The Wembley Hotel which is this: http://www.wembleyhotel.net/?gclid=CPaI7re9vqMCFRf92Aod61iheA
  2. Muse certainly don't live up to the fact they're often branded "best live act", "best band" etc. To be honest, we all know that Muse know how we feel towards the setlists, and they're choosing to ignore us. Way to go to keep up a good, happy fanbase.
  3. Yeah it seems a bit weird. But I know I'll have a good time anyway, so not having high expectations means I won't be disappointed, and if we get something pretty good I'll be surprised and happier.
  4. I think so too, and that annoys me a bit. It's like people all seem to think Wembley is going to be far better than Manchester this September. I've followed the sets, I've had the lowest of low expectations for quite a while now, and although I know I'll have a good time anyway, I'll just be more surprised and not disappointed if we get something really good on the sets, which I don't think will happen. Having low expectations is a win situation .
  5. Okay I was at the barrier for Glastonbury, and the mosh was pretty big where I was. Lots of people being taken out, I saw people faint, I know of someone who broke 2 ribs and a hip there. But you have to be pretty unlucky for that, plus it's more dangerous if you're a few rows back from the barrier because people are all around you. Also, there was a bigger crowd at Glastonbury and a fair few drunk people. Being at the barrier, I could get air, I had no one in front of me, I could lean into the barrier and push back a little bit every so often so I could have a tiny bit of space. I did have some guy digging his elbow into my neck at times, I don't think he heard what I said quite loudly to him, but I kept leaning back to push him off and he stopped in the end, haha. I came away with slightly bruised arms and rather bruised hips but it wasn't really awful or anything, I thought I'd get hurt more because I'm about 5 foot 4 inches tall and quite a slim build, but it was okay. I loved every minute of the barrier, I thought it was great fun and rather hilarious at times :') I think you're best to be at the barrier rather than a few rows back from the barrier, but that's only me judging from being at the barrier for Glastonbury. I was at the barrier for Seasick Steve, The Dead Weather, Shakira, Scissor Sisters and Muse, it was okay for those acts up until Scissor Sisters finished, when there was probably a mad rush of people coming to see Muse, and that's when people started to get crushed, and some people hurt. It was like it all through Muse's set, but I have to say, after the initial 10 minutes of thinking "dhsfohd ouch, fdosdhsahd why can't people back off a bit? fishdfsfsdaf let's start singing any random songs that come into our heads to get others to join in (which they did) and have a laugh" you get used to it and it all got funny. I've never been to the barrier at one of Muse's own concerts before so I don't know how different or similar it is there. Wow I just wrote a boring essay. I'll be waiting for all the "cool story bro" responses now <3
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