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  1. Hi) good to see you here again

  2. i'm fine))


    where are you from?)

  3. Hi) How are you? :)

  4. Hi, Daia!:happy:


    I'm fine) And how are you?

  5. oh, difficult to tell) I enjoy muse lolz very much lol


    But spend most of time on Niall's love boat, most of my friends are there) And on mine and TAK boat now too))

  6. Hi, Daia!

    I just saw you online and thought, that we should be friends here too)) And we are now! :happy:

  7. Hi) thanks for request) And thanks again, yes, everything is fine here)) And how are you?

  8. you're welcome!)) i'm too shy to send requests, silly me...

  9. Which one?))


    It's just sometimes difficult for me to keep up, because of my English...

  10. Thanks))) I'll need all the luck, coz there will be soooo many people there

  11. Fine, and you?);)


    That's ok, i feel so myself just a bit, 'coz everyone is so obsessed by this treasure hunt thing now))):rolleyes:

  12. Tis me again) Hi);)


    That's a lot of heads Hungarian dragons have! :eek: I think the Russian one has 3 (there isn't much about dragons in Russian tales as a remember).:rolleyes:


    Yeah, older than me too) But you didn't really care about it when you are a kid)))


    The pleasure was all mine)):happy:

  13. Good night to you!) Or good morning if you'll be reading it tomorrow:) So, it's about 2 hours time difference, 'coz it is 2:30 am here in Moscow)


    Maybe))), good or bad, it is our past, and we just have to try to benefit from it. Some cultural similarity is a good start for understanding each other)) :yesey:


    Yeah, it's something from that time, or maybe a bit later - like people who 10-15 years older than me.


    Hey, I know the first one, it's Czech cartoon, isn't it? There were many episodes about that little mole. I've been to Prague like a months ago and there were lots of toys and souvenirs of him (is he a "he"?)) I've got a magnet for my fridge))):$:LOL:


    The next two I don't remember... What are they?


    And the last - ha, that's Russian series…:D how it may sound in English, I wonder… something like “I'll Get You!” That’s a long story. I think first episodes were made before my birth, and the last… I’m not sure, but it’s possible that they are still making them!


    Did you watched these cartoons, or they are from your parents’ childhood?))


    I added you to friends list, hope you don’t mind));)

  14. Oh yeah, that's Russian animation allright, old and strange, but.. don't know... there is something in it) My all time favorite) Just never saw pictures from it used by non-Russians, that's all) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZS1fLK4DYM&feature=related if you'd like to watch the whole story, it's not the best quality, but with English subs. There isn't really much point in words in this cartoon, just the feeling... I apologize if you'll think it's boring and waste of time.

  15. Hi)


    Well, i was wondering, that avatar of yours... Where did it come from? Wasn't there a little hedgehog in the mist somewhere near?

  16. Good night to you!)

  17. I'`m glad you did) Hmmm, what do you want to know? I'm 24 and I'm from Russia and as crazy about Muse as everyone here))) Never think It's gonna be so difficult to talk about myself, ha! Well, i can't sing or play music, but I'm pretty good in irish dancing:$:LOL: I'm working at home now, drawing pictures for childrens books, hate this really, working at home I mean... Well, and whan about you, tell me something)

  18. Well, hi there) You are my first friend, that's so nice of you;)

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