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    I'm a Portal/Portal 2 maniac who is also obsessed with Muse.
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    Oct. 23rd, 2010: Nassau Coliseum- Long Island, New York :D
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  1. YKYATM when at your friends birthday party, you were able to bring your CDs. So naturally, I brought my Muse CDs. The wind was SO strong at one point, that all the CDs I had blew away and almost fell on the floor. They almost fell on the floor. My friend caught them, thank god I was freaking out. Well, now one of the little things on the CD holder for OoS broke and the CD doesn't stay still in it anymore D: but other than that, it's all good! But I just like how I freaked out over it so much like nothing else mattered .
  2. I had a dream that I was attending Reading with a few of my Twitter friends. The funny thing is that they all are actually go together, but I'm not .________. And it was snowing for some reason. We were snowed into the car at one point. Then in some magical way, one of the Musers drove us out of it. The festival was strange, lasted like 3 months and we could camp out anywhere each day for any band. So we all camped out for Muse, but most of my friends went missing somehow D: IT WAS STRANGE. Then we got snowed into the tent in front of the Muse tent. All I remember saying is, "I'm cold." Weird.
  3. This is really, REALLY, old news, but I just remembered it. . Sister: So James Durbin on American Idol sang Uprising. Me: Yeah I heard. Sister: Some say he was better than Muse. Me: What. Sister: Ye-- Me: YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH RIGHT NOW. Sister: But-- Me: DID YOU NOT HEAR WHAT I SAID???????????????? I'm so glad he got voted off and the show is over
  4. I've come to the point in my life where I totally forget about this website and never post anything anymore BUT I've also come to the point where Musings are literally a daily part of my life. Especially in school. In Global when the term 'Eurasia' comes up, I instantly go In English when we were reading The Odyssey, we were learning some background info about Greek Mythology. Then my teacher mentioned the Muses. In the worksheet we received I closed out the S in Muses and something else to make it appear as, "Muse was the lovely band in Mt. Olympus." I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER BUT IT WAS QUITE HILARIOUS. And then we had a vocab packet and one of the words was Overture. As I wrote that down, above it in parenthesis I wrote in, "You stole my..." I felt pretty proud.
  5. Nowadays really, Muse music has just been the background music in my dreams o.o It's actually be a while since I've had a proper Muse dream that I remember D: But, I had this one dream the other day. It involved Portal 2 and me being the test subject with someone else. There was background music the whole time and it kept switching. First it was Uprising, then Moar Ghosts N Stuff by Deadmau5, and then Portal 2 songs, and then more Muse. Does it count as a Muse dream? :333
  6. Is it strange that Musings have been happening in my life so often that they pretty much happen on a daily basis and it's considered normal to me now? Because if so, then I have a lot to say. I was doing some English vocab work the other day and one of the words was Overture. In parenthesis, I wrote "You stole my" right about the word. I JUST HAD TO! Also, my English research project is about Matt Bellamy. So far so GREAT! I finished the outline 2 days ago and we're starting the rough draft of the paper. This paper is a piece of cake (though the cake is a lie... Thumbs up for you if you get that reference ) and yeah.
  7. I had this dream the other night where I was in Never Land from Peter Pan... Except it was Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep world for Never Land (the world I can't beat even on my Ventus AND Aqua profile >_>) well anyway, I was kidnapped by the Captain of the boat that lies in the middle of the ocean (NO NOT CAPTAIN HOOK.. THIS ONE LOOKED SCARY ._.) and I was tied and hanging from the boat so that I was above the ocean and apparently Matt was my boyfriend in this (like in all of my dreams ) and he was supposed to save me. "You'll never free her, Matt! SHE'S MINE." Said the captain and I'm just like, "HOLY SHIT HELP ME, MATT." And just as the captain was cutting the rope so I'd fall in the ocean, Matt flies towards me (yeah he was like Peter Pan) and then the dreamed blurred (like it does every night) and it ended up that me and my kidnapper were tied together while hanging above the ocean. Our bodies against each other and it was just too damn scary o.o "Matt, get me out of this mess!" I screamed. "Oh.. That wasn't part of the plan. Look, Maria, I'll get back to you, but I have to save the world from the zetas!" and he flew away. "You know, your boyfriend isn't much of a help." Said the captain. "Oh shut up!" I screamed at him >_> "Just get us out of this mess." and then it ended. Strange.
  8. The other day we had a blackout during school. It was during my 4th period Orchestra class. It got canceled so we were free to do whatever we wanted to do, but I got kicked into the auditorium with my friends >_>. I found my friends from the schools band there so I sat with them . Once it blacked out, they made us stay in the band room where there was a generator. Even though I was stuck in there for 3 hours, it was cool because there was a piano so I basically just played all the Muse songs I know. Well after some piano playing, I basically just sat on the floor listening to my iPod with my best guy friend (erm, actually the person I like ... It's been over 7 months!) and I put on Muse obviously . Oh and of course I would start tearing up when I put on Exogenesis Symphony. So long as he didn't notice (which he didn't) IT'S ALL GOOD.
  9. I'M DOING GOOOOOOOOOD :D just chillin' on my Sunday off before school. *le sigh* School >_>. How's your day? ^-^

  10. :awesome:

    Goin' good thanks. You? :D

  11. Spam. Spam. Spam. Spam. Spam. Spam... Spam. Hehe :3. How's it goin'? :D

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