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    14. five foot seven. i plays bass and guitar. addicted to social networking sites.
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    Guitar, bass, having a laugh, music.
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    yeah right.
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    Queen, Muse, Killers, 30STM, Bullet For My Valentine, Innerpartysystem, Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi, Foo Fighters, All American Rejects, Pink.
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    Harry Potter. Shuddup I'm a geek with that, I admit it.
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    Scrubs, Simpsons, Will&Grace, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Not a lot (:
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    i'll read anything. Imageek (:
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    Showbiz, Absoloution, Origin Of Symmetry, BlackHoles and Revelations, Hullabaloo soundtrack, haarp, bh&r poster, t-shirt, Muse hoodie.
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    I missed out on seeing them on the resistance tour! WTFFFF!
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  1. Oh remember when we used to come on here religiously..

  2. oh i haven't actually been on here in ages..

    this place used to be like the first place i went on when i got online.

  3. ooo i just remembered about this! mmm no.

  4. my guitar teacher and I always have discussions about Muse :LOL: not really a teacher, but this hairdresser who was doing my hair for a wedding was talking to me about muse, he saw them in Ireland. I was well jealous.
  5. I used to draw on my veins, but my veins make a... really dirty shape.
  6. hopefulls it shall rehappen again..

    so like are you addicted to queen atm or no?

  7. ah. well its not that bad, i go between being obssessed with Queen to not being.

  8. hey thanks for joining the brandon flowers your a star group

  9. oh yes.. forgot about that..

    *sigh* why havent i been so muse obsessed lately?

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