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    I'm into Kats leather....
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    Fencing, Horses, playing the guitar and reading, ect,ect
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    As little as possible
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    Tracy Louise McGuire
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    Any and all. Alternative all the way down, but esp. Regina Spectre, Fall out boy, Rage and Cream.
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    What's eating Gilbert Grape?, Twilight (sorry!), Lord of war, Green mile, The quiet man..... The list goes on and on....
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    Torchwood, House, thats about it.
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    Glasgow, Nov 09 will be my first! Very excited!
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  1. BABY!!!! Where've you been? :supersad:

  2. What you studying? I don't envy you the travelling.

  3. Used to, I live in Glasgow but I go to uni at Stirling.

  4. Hey- so do you stay in Stirling then? Am just in Dunblane =]

  5. I am so always one step behind Kat at all of these things........... but at least that gives me ample opportunity to stare at her ass...... :niall: Welcome honey! Feel free to add me on fb, am looking forward to meeting you at the end of the month!

  6. Which one?))


    It's just sometimes difficult for me to keep up, because of my English...

  7. Come play on the boat........ we don't bite often!

  8. Hello :D

    I am Donna, I see you are lurking in my boat. Feel free to chat if you want to <3

  9. very well adjusted :shifty:

  10. Am not technophobe- am well adjusted youth...... lol

  11. of course I'll be your fwend...

  12. I'm just learning but would love to get to grips with plug in baby. sounds pretty intense though so probably not for a while! wish me luck lol
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