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  1. Hope you got your ticket now :)xx

  2. hey hey! Sorry I am at work, yes I have received your money, thank you! I am working until 8 today and tomorrow so i will send you your ticket using special next day delivery on monday so you will have your ticket on tuesday! :) xx

  3. Alright, so your address is:


    Jan Gerrard

    42 Spencer Gardens


    Cornwall, UK

    PL12 4PF


    Just make sure it's right and let me know! Next Day service starts at £5.05, so yeah that will be £55!


    My paypal account email is dinara15@hotmail.com



  4. Hey there! Yes, you can buy my ticket =) my paypal account email is dinara15@hotmail.com! Send me your details and I will mail you the ticket as soon as I receive your money! xx

  5. :LOL: I'll be queueing on friday for 18 hours as well! :eek: We are going to need to bring packed lunches. Oi. I love the UK and uni here. Film classes are super interesting since I'm getting the British historical perspective. It's a really welcome change. I also just adore this country. How are you babes?? How's uni for you?
  6. Heyyy, i dont go on this thing that much anymore - too much uni work D: so yeah, sorry for the late reply! Oooooh i am very excited for the 12th! Queuing for 18 hours is going to be fun *thumbs up*

    But it's totally worth it! What you been up to? Hows uni for you and all that? Are you enjoying it?



  7. I have too :supersad: My funds can't cut it :( BUT I WILL TOTALLY COME BACK FOR PHD WORK :D


    I can't even begin to explain how excited I am for the 13. I might die from joy. How are you love?

  8. Heyyy

    sorry i am so lazy, i never get on this thing :p Your leaving the UK at one point? Whyyy stay here =))))))

    you ready for the 13th then :p



  9. Thanks for the add :)

  10. Yesss. I pre-ordered the album through here because I wanted those weekly downloads. I had such a fiasco with it though because on the day the cd comes out I will be landing in the UK so I wanted to have it shipped to my mailbox in England. But apparently on here I can't be billed to the states and have something shipped to a different country. So it took me FOREVER to just bite the bullet and have it sent to my parents house and have them ship it to me. I wanted the box set but it's like....I have this old old vinyl player and it doesn't work really well so it kind of would have been a waste.


    I land in the UK on sept. 14 :awesome: and I leave dec. 20.

  11. Haha I went to Russia and Ireland for a while - I am back now :)

    I know right, the new singles are awesome!! Ive also got them both on repeat on my iTunes haha

    Have you preordered the album? I haven't yet, I don't have a credid card of my own... Bleh, but I will get it sent to me on the 14th (MSN sent from a friend haha), then I will buy it from a store or something. Would really like to get the box set, hope they don't sell out quickly :((

    When are you in England? :D



  12. Hey honey! :D:LOL: Yes. Niall told everyone in his love boat to change their avs to drag queens...so we were quite obedient. I'm lovely. I've just been preparing myself to go to England. Lots of things going on there! It's getting pretty crazy. Now. Weren't you in Russia for a time? Or is that someone else? Everyone is vacationing lately, it's hard to keep up.

    The Resistance reminds me of this 80s vinyl album my dad used to have. I can't remember the name of the band and it's been driving me up the wall. But I feel like that reference is going to be a clue for me on how I'll feel about the rest of the album. But I just LOVE Uprising. I have it on one of my mix cds already and I play it on repeat. I know I'm going to love the rest of this cd :happy:

  13. Hello, haha yes it's me :p

    I am back here and i must say I love your avatar xD It's very unique :)

    How have you been? So much going on here... How did you find the USoE and Uprising? I thought they were awesome! And the album artwork - Jesus Christ, it looks amazing. I vasicaly love everything about the Resistance haha

    What have you been up to?

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