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  1. I'm hoping the snow will be merciful. Having to stay overnight would certainly be a hassle.
  2. I'm hoping to go to the gig with a couple of friends. I went to a Muse gig a couple years back in the United Center and had seats in the second tear. Not the best place to be because quite frankly, the acoustics were pretty bad. Anyways, I want to get GA tickets and I was wondering how important it is to get there early. I remember last year I got there about 2 hours before the show and the floor was wide open. Any Musers have any advice for a first time general attender?
  3. Certainly during festivals where they don't have their usual set they could bring back rarities.
  4. This is not my point. This is Muse's point. They themselves have said they are restricted because of the visuals.
  5. Setlist rotation always sounds good in theory. The major downside to Muse's intricate preformances is the fact that every song requires visuals, certain instruments, plans, and all that jazz. Even if they decided to play a rarity right before the concert, how could they? They have nothing to put on their giant screens! They only have visuals for certain songs and that is why those songs are played so often. It's either great visuals or varied setlist with Muse.
  6. I'm glad other people like it and are getting introduced to Muse. Strangely enough, according to youtube, Muse "fans" hate on the band more than non-Muse fans do. Kind of ironic
  7. Why two different versions? How will people decipher between the two...and why would they release this version first if the music video goes with the other version? You you think the "better" song would be released with the video. Usually the better song is the single but this version is the single and the other version is just a random song made for a video? I think I just made myself more confused.
  8. if this is the so called "dubstep" album, where will they head next? Will two albums from now be a thrash metal salsa compilation?
  9. This thread wasn't meant to say that Muse should split up. Basically it should make people think about Muse's future. i think its interesting to think where they will be say 10 years from now.
  10. I believe it is ending. But those things (Twilight) never seem to really die out in this day and age. And if they do, they are replaced. On another note, many people seem to agree that they have or should tone down their preformances as Muse "isn't 20 years old" anymore. Just as long as they end on a strong note I'm happy. No 40 year old Dom solo album, no sell-out album, no more teen movies and we are good.
  11. Muse is required/planning to release seven albums, or so I've heard. Does this mean The 2nd Law will be their second to last album? How long will Muse continue to write and preform new material? After all, they have been around for quite some time and they are becoming an "older" band. What are your opinions on this matter? How many albums will they make? Is this thread a pointless waste of time because it's to early to decide?
  12. As for the name of the album, there seems to be a pattern. Shobiz=meh Origin of Symmetry= woah. Absolution= meh Black holes and revelations= woah. The Resistance= meh so....album number six should have a strange name? As for the artwork, i think all of their artwork is pretty well done. I think its more important that the artwork matches the albums direction (I think Absolution's cover matches the songs nicely).
  13. Might as well post mine seeing as the contest is over.. i tried to incorporate the OoS field goal thing into the U. Mine isn't the greatest but its certainly cooler than some of them....
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