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    LCCG, 04/09/10
    Wembley Stadium, 10/09/10
    Wembley Stadium, 11/09/10
    Reading Festival, 28/8/11
    O2 Arena, 26/10/12
    O2 Arena, 27/10/12
    LG Arena, 30/10/12
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  1. Incredible gig, they were on top form tonight and were at the O2 as well. Tonight has to be one of my favorite gigs ever. Bring on a 2013 Stadium Tour
  2. o2 Blueroom worked a treat, although it spent 5 minutes saying no tickets avaliable before it eventually coughed up some standing tickets. Strangely stress free ticket purchasing, would have preffered the .mu member presale codes system used for wembley in 2010 as that seemed fairer for everyone rather than a lottery. Feel bad for those that couldn't get tickets through websites not loading and such, especially when you see presale tickets on ebay already
  3. Same happened to me, filled out the form and the tickets were gone, ended up with seated on the friday. Going to try blueroom for saturday standing at 10 but at least i've got some tickets without the madness of general sale. Gigs and tours/seetickets always give me problems. Had to buy championship playoff final tickets through see. There was a 1 week presale for season ticket holders, with about 45000 tickets for around 25000 people and they still couldn't cope. They're useless
  4. Issue numbers only for maestro or solo cards I think, Never entered it for normal visa or master cards and i've never had any problems
  5. McJones

    Fantastic OoS Stage!

    The stage looked absolutely fantastic, the pylons were worked in with the screen visuals brilliantly at times and the visuals on the screen were amazing. The stadium tour stage was good, but it was like they tried to include too many ideas in one stage. The simple big screen and origin pylons worked so much better imo
  6. I swear the camera's they used for this were used for at least all of the uk shows (I did wonder what they were at the time) Maybe this means a dvd (God please let there be a blu-ray ) with songs from several stadium shows, but in this format! That would be absolutely mega!!
  7. To have a mini headbanging Matt, Dom and Chris on my car dashboard would be too awesome, and with muse playing on the stereo it'd be like a mini muse concert everytime i go for a drive
  8. You've already asked me on youtube but again im happy to help, as well as the ones on youtube ive got new born and knights, had trouble uploading them though just let me know how and where you want them sent to
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