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  1. rang them up, asked for the link they gave me it the number is 08450508258, bit of an angry voice and a story about the RHCP presale being a shambles (they ran it and the server crashed for two hours), job done
  2. I used the same email address and they could tell me I hadn't got the tickets, but when I asked for the link it just said 10am muse.mu
  3. Still no email for me, crowdsurge have told me I'm unsuccessful but are refusing to give me the presale link, when I email them, if someone could PM me the link to the Manchester presale it would be greatly appreciated
  4. heyheytomo

    Worst Muse crowd?

    Twlighters should be banned from all muse gigs. They should be forced to spend ten minutes in a cage with a raged warewolf if they try to get in
  5. heyheytomo

    Worst Muse crowd?

    birmingham is getting a bad rep here poor guys the liverpool crowd seemed pretty into it last year. the guys infront of us were going nuts and knew all the words and we were in a small standing crowd which meant we got to burst two balloons which is good cause this year with 35000 standing in Manchester i'm going to have to be quite lucky also if Birmingham are getting a bad rep for a crowd how did they get the first play of MK ultra???? it should of been played in Sheffeild first then on every date of the uk tour
  6. i have to say kasabian would be a great band to warm they were good at getting a big crowd going it was at oasis and when they played L.S.F they split the crowd up and everyone was joining in it was pretty good. but they gotten big over the last year so i'll doubt they would do it. i'm thinking maybe someone like paulo nutini and them someone like vampire weekend or we are scientists two good indie bands and they wanted we are scientists in 2007. i have a feeling though that noel gallagher might warm up one of the two big gigs in manchester this year (green day, muse) since he's been getting going with the RAH gigs.(a slight feeling for me probs won't happen:p) also my sceret 80's techno side says PET SHOP BOY'S sooooooooooo bad also who gonna win the race if it is lady gaga to start the "get your dick out" chant! oh i'm goin the manchester gig and NO ENEMY OR BIG PINK or i would rather stand at the back then get to the front and listen to that sorry all this is all jumbled up
  7. Am I the only one thinking pet shop boys? it's a sin would be an epic song to get everyone dancing before muse
  8. i had to spend £120 on two standing on ebay for liverpool so i hope to god i get presale for this one. i got pretty close to the front at liverpool so for this one i might just hang by the second barrier (if they have one) .just one thing play BLISS its epic anyone else at liverpool hear the group of about ten guys chanting for it half way through . should get a longer setlist than liverpool ( i ended up walking around for an hour cause i told my parents to pick me up for 11) should be a gr8 gig whateva the outcome (unless matt does a morrisey ) after what i saw at liverpool
  9. Last night was awesome . Manage to pop two balloons right over are head last during Stockholm syndrome . The arena was pretty good too only got into position ( I know weird saying ) about 20 mins before and I got an amazing view. Shame no feeling good:( but still one of the BEST gigs I've ever been too. Lazers FTW! soz for interupting peoples talking btw.
  10. Steven made an immence setlist but if they do put the big pink on at 7:30 and muse get on at nine they'll add a few more songs on to get up to as i like to call it gig curfew . I'm thinkin new born feeling good the small print (is a small posability) and butterflies and hurricanes could be played. I'm hoping to god for feeling good gets played fingers crossed
  11. A stadium tour next year would be likely (doing it like oasis did stadiums plus festivals ) if they'd done this the festivals would of been before the release of the album. But i got my standing for liverpool , which im looking forward to very very much
  12. Got mine after an exspensive trip to ebay! One the smallest stadiums on the uk tour 13000 should get an awesome view standing. I'm hoping that with muses track record of special effects (pillars sweet) that our baloons will have fireworks to go with them to celbrate the day
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