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  1. Brighton was utterly amazing. Been aching all day but it's been thoroughly worth it! And I can just about see the back of my head in that mosh pit video during KoC I'm not a fan of Marmozets but I felt bad for them as it seemed that the people around me weren't really enjoying her material so most people stood by very static. However people were telling her the mic was really quiet and she just snapped back saying something along the lines of "well it's not my fault, go tell it to the tech guys" which really put me off. I mean, it wouldn't have hurt to just acknowledge the fact we couldn't hear you and maybe do something about it... Not the best support act I've seen. Sorry!
  2. :D:D:D I think I'm gonna explode with excitement Also, anyone got an idea of how we could get selfies/group selfies/photobombs with the band members? Been seeing all these photos on Twitter and I'm so jealous.
  3. I managed to get two standing tickets for this! So excited, will be heading down via coach from South London, going to leave a uni tutorial early but hopefully my new tutor will be a Muse fan and understand my plight Gig #4, I genuinely can't wait! Sorry to the people who didnt get tickets, hopefully you'll be able to grab them from the general sale tomorrow x
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