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  1. That's brilliant, wish they had done it for Manchester. Looking at the crowd it is quite obvious there is no such thing as a typical Muse fan except they all have great taste in music. It is also interesting to see how many are of more ( ahem ) advanced years like myself.
  2. I still wish they did the full album in order as it is a concept album and that is how they are meant to work, warts and all. Having said that Manchester 2nd night would appear to have had the best setlist on the UK part of this tour IMO so I am not really complaining .
  3. The second night setlist was near perfect and the best I have seen since LCCC. I was slightly disappointed with the first night but this more than made up for it and I saw 2 nights without them playing UD which is another plus. I thought Revolt would get a better response as it has a great chorus but no one seemed to be really moving.
  4. I know Map is some peoples favourite Muse song but I have never really got it, particularly live as it's not a screamer, you can't really dance to it and doesn't really build to much of a finish.
  5. Correct, we had them both last night and the others I listed are all better than both of them.
  6. Last night was amazing but hoping for some of CE, SS, PIB, USOE, AP, Revolt or Resistance tonight. Hopefully will not get UD, FG, MOTP or TAB
  7. Going both nights and hoping for these additions to the basic set list most of which they have played on this tour :- CE, PIB, Hysteria, SS, Resistance, Sunburn, USOE, Bliss, Apocalypse Please, Revolt & maybe Supremacy I do not want MOTP, Panic Station, Feeling Good, Undisclosed Desires, TAB I doubt there will be any major surprises
  8. Manchester tickets still available on eventim normal price
  9. Manchester tickets still available on eventim normal price
  10. Tickets for Manchester still seem to be available on eventim - normal price
  11. There may still be tickets available on eventim at normal price. Good luck
  12. There may still be tickets available on eventim
  13. It looks like there are quite big gaps between cities so I am sure extra dates are a possibility. It is strange that they seem to be offering less UK arena tickets with each tour, 9 years ago there were 2 Manchester gigs, next tour none but Liverpool and a few other northern cities and now only one Manchester gig.
  14. This album is truly epic and gets better with each listen. I have played it several times including twice in the car really loud. I still cannot decide on my favourite track but my favourite part is probably the end of Defector which is real genius. I like all 9 proper tracks on the album which is definitely not the case on the previous 3 albums.
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