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  1. At the beginning before Muse came on, had this couple who were clearly drunk just kept moaning that Muse hadn't come on, Needless to say we slowly moved away. then when Muse were in full motion, was standing behind a guy who kept leaning back (very annoying) and this short lady that just clearly didn't want to be there!
  2. It was a great gig, the crowd just make it even better. I was thinking they were going to skip Plug In Baby, as usually they do that early on. But when it came on, I lost it and went mad for it ha ha. In fact I stepped on a girl's foot and had to apologise - sorry if that was you!
  3. To be honest I won't be getting there until about 7pm when the doors open. I mean it's standing, you'll pretty much be near the front in no time with everyone jumping about ha ha.
  4. Yes the Metroshuttle is free, links here for more info. http://www.tfgm.com/buses/Pages/metroshuttle.aspx http://www.tfgm.com/journey_planning/Documents/PDFMaps/Manchester-Metroshuttle-Map.pdf You'll probably need Metroshuttle 2. Bear in mind Oxford Road is student-ville and gets very busy in traffic!
  5. Seen the setlists from the other gigs that they have done and it's pretty tight. Lots of classics, so can't wait.
  6. If it helps anyone to try, they cancelled one of my tickets due to my maximum of 2. Oh well, good luck to anyone that gets it!
  7. Not sure but you could only select a maximum of 2 tickets per transaction. Hence why I had to do another one to get another ticket. May just have to phone them and get it done with! Thanks though!
  8. I read the terms for the Paperless Ticket and it does indeed say only two tickets can be bought with the same card. Now I am worried, do I phone customer services about this? I don't want to turn up with my boyfriend and my mate, to find out only 2 were valid. I still haven't got the email to say they are cancelling one of my tickets yet.
  9. I was very annoyed by this Paperless Delivery £3.25 What's that about? Makes no sense considering they are adding a £5.25 service charge as it is.
  10. Yeah I bought 2 tickets and then 1 ticket afterwards. I haven't got an email off them saying the 1 ticket being cancelled yet, but hoping it be ok as it's for a mate. Keep looking at my emails to check, maybe I can change the card for that? I used the same card for all 3 tickets.
  11. I managed to get 3 tickets today, logged into ticketmaster at 9:15am, which was lucky as I swear it said 9.30am. Sorry to hear some fans not being able to get tickets, so frustrating I know.
  12. True. I am going to hold my nerve and hold out that they will do another gig or tickets become more available. I doubt all the tickets were put up sale...
  13. Can't select more than 2 and it's rear view... I will try eBay but not paying the really extortionate ones!
  14. eBay have some ok prices if you want to try there. I may get some, will see how I feel a week after. Just checked ticketmaster and it seems they only have a few blocks of Upper Tier, which isn't for me.
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