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  1. ChrisM1

    Worst Muse crowd?

    With the Birmingham crowd, it was clear there was parts of the crowd that were loving it. I was about a quarter of the way back, towards chris. It was something I didn't enjoy at all, and spoilt the gig a little bit. I went mental when I first realised MK ULTRA was about to be played. The amount of filthy looks I got was unreal.
  2. ChrisM1

    Worst Muse crowd?

    Seconding the Birmingham crowd. Around Matts side they looked pretty awesome. I was on Chris' side and they were so stationary it was embarrasing.
  3. Where's everyone gonna be staying for the night? I stupidly left booking hotels because I didn't have money availiable after forking out £100 for wembley and manchester. I was thinking of booking a Travelodge in Warrington, is there anything availiable that I'm obviously missing out?
  4. I had a dream last night the I bumped into the band in the street and started to have a chat with them, we became quite matey and having a laugh and the talk got to the setlist, I mentioned that they should be playing Citizen Erased to which Matt laughed and said No, Him and Dom don't like it any more and Chris was undecided. Fast forward and they were playing Sing for Absolution at a festival type show with hardly any crowd, so I ran to the front and started talking to Matt mid performance. Great dream!
  5. The band are very big fans of Muse, I know that at least two of them went to see them in France around the time of the Teignmouth gigs. MCR could easily sell out Arenas which they actually did before the '07 Wembley show (Wembley, NIA, MEN) It could easily happen I think, especially for the Wembley show and it'd boost ticket sales ten fold.
  6. Had it been Manchester followed by Wembley in two days I probably wouldn't have, but the fact they're a week apart, it just made sense. I really hope there isn't a second date announced for either gig, I don't think my Wallet can take it.
  7. Sorry to be the smart arse, but the only problem I've had with See was with Wembley '07 tickets, and that was down to bad traffic, otherwise I've had pain free experiences ever since. The Resistance tour was a doddle and so was Wembley and LCCC, I had my confirmation e-mail with me by 9.20 and the money was out of my account by the time I got home from my lectures and 12pm. Obviously people have had bad experiences, but they're not all that bad.
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