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  1. Woohoo, got through much more easily this time and got GA's for this one as well. Hooray, and good luck to everyone else still trying to get through!
  2. trilobyte

    Drones stage set up

    I'm a big fan of the 360 degree shows. Especially the advanced/high-tech stuff that U2 pioneered with their 360 tour (of stadiums) and this year's i+e tour (of arenas). Flying (suspending) the speakers makes for much better sound, and much cleaner lines and better visibility for everyone in the audience (where old school in-the-round gigs were marred by hit or miss sound and poor visibility half the time). And from a fan on the floor's perspective, these shows have a much better feel to them. Instead of band on one side and everyone just crushing up towards the stage, it has more of a club feel. You can hang back a bit and still be really close to the stage, and for those who want to be as close as possible there's more stage space to press up against (since the audience surrounds the stage, as opposed to presses up against one side of it).
  3. Got through without incident, and was able to get GA's. I don't mind getting there early, and enjoy being on the main floor at GA shows. Especially when it's a center stage/in-the-round gig, the main floor has a great nightclub feel. Woohoo - can not wait!!
  4. The Little Animal... It's worth pointing out that Oracle Arena is **not** a stadium. Not even close. Stadiums are generally 60K+ people (think of places where football games are held in the US) - in the SF bay area that's the nearby O.co coliseum. Arenas, by contrast, are in the 20K range (think of places where basketball or hockey games are held in the US). I've seen a lot of shows in stadiums over the years, including Muse a couple times... and they absolutely killed it. I've also seen countless shows in arenas, including Muse at Oracle arena a few times - they've all been good shows. Muse benefits greatly from not only being a great live band but by having a really fantastic sound guy named Marc Carolan who's been with them for more than a decade, he can make even the lousiest venues sound great. Having seen them in venues of all shapes and sizes over the years, my advice is see them wherever you can
  5. +1,000,000 to what Curlyxz said - I kept refreshing and was denied countless times, but got through at 9:15am for a pair of GA's... Mmmmm killed by drones in Los Angeles...
  6. Near as I can tell, the waiting room was likely a first-in queue, but from there it only checked for availability once every 60 seconds. And once the sale opened, it did not divert new page visitors to the queue, they just went straight to the sale page. Ugh.
  7. What a terrible, terrible, system. I've done AXS events before, but nothing with such high demand. The waiting room system sucked, I can't help but feel I got stuck in a loop when I'd been camping and waiting for quite a while.
  8. We got GA's this morning as well. Now I'm on the lookout for the Live105 presale password for some friends and newbie Muse fans (who hadn't registered prior to Monday) so they can hopefully join us and get fully hooked on the band
  9. We got tickets, but weren't able to get standing. Now to make sure I get my passport renewed and we plan another trip to London! :-D
  10. No luck with standing on either the pre-sale or on-sale. $#@&ing hell I was there the nano-second tickets went on sale too. On one hand I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to get GA, but on the other excited that I at least got something (nosebleed seats in the 400 level).
  11. And enough post-bombing from me, it's my last two videos... End of the show, and what a show it was. Grabbed one of Man With A Harmonica before going absolutely mental during Knights Of Cydonia, then managed to pull it together and grab the very tail end of the finale along with the band taking bows and giving thanks. [YT[] [/YT] [YT] [/YT] Trilo
  12. Two bits from Plug In Baby. First one's short, but shows Matt's awesome LED suit as he makes his way back to the stage. Second one is longer, and goes the route of following the balloons and the crowd with the intention of giving a sense of what it was like to be there in the mix. Such an incredible night! [YT] [/YT] [YT] [/YT] Trilo
  13. Amazing stuff, agenthal, thanks for sharing! Meanwhile, now we're back home with a proper connection, and the Youtube uploads are cooperating fully. [YT] [/YT]
  14. Sorry it's taking so long to get things posted, but the internet connection is s-l-o-w, takes hours and hours to get a single thing uploaded... [YT] [/YT] Trilo
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