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  1. Any idea of what to expect for the stage? Will it be the same as the US Arena tours but scaled to size?
  2. Hi, I will be attending the show from the US. I keep reading about transportation issues back to London after the show. Can someone please explain why it is so difficult? Also, what is the best way to get back? We will most likely be staying in Covent Garden. Thanks!!
  3. Does anybody know the format for this? Approximate time they’ll go on and how long they play for? It’s hard to tell if it will be Muse or Florence as the headliner. I’m assuming they’ll play for about 45 minutes?
  4. I’m assuming I didn’t either, but how did you find out.
  5. LarzKe


    Serpent, I disagree with this a bit. To me the popular songs here, in the US, are about a catchy beat, rhythm. "Bite that tattoo on your shoulder"....courtesy of the chabismokers. Terrible song catchy beat. Lyrics have little to no meaning. Dig down will not appeal to those people.
  6. LarzKe


    I don't get Dig Down at all. If they were trying for a pop song they missed...horribly. I think it is kind of an obscure song. It's not something that will be played on repeat on the radio in the US. There really isn't anything catchy or poppy about it. It's slow and uninspired.
  7. Are there any songs that may be rotated? I'm thinking they would be Resistance and Plug in Baby. Any ideas what they would put in there place? Seems like he's totally dropping the piano now too. This is like watching an athlete fade away at the end of their career.
  8. I don't mean an advisor for set lists per se, but every decision at this level is a business decision. They are dubbed "the best live band in the world." If I were there business manager I'd be pretty pissed about them trying to get away with a pre-recorded video of the frontman. It's not good for the bands image. Also not good when your setlist choices are alienating your base...that's your guaranteed ticket money. Can't just rely on casual ticket sales, what if the new songs don't catch on? The actual fifteen people yelling up front were. But that's a hell of a lot better interaction with the crowd they've gotten since. I was there, other people knew immediately in my section when it turned green what it meant (I was in seats). The people they are catering to are there for two songs. They react to them only. So play whatever you want because those people just sit there anyway.
  9. Do they not have advisors? I mean it's been beaten to death, but take the NKOK spot, add in B&H, assasin, something, and your oldest fans are happy. It's really not hard. The fact they don't do it screams of arrogance and obstinance. If they want a reaction toss something to people who have been fansbfor decades. Look at the crowd interaction with Matt when he asks the MSG crowd what song they want (Deadstar). Would you prefer that or a bunch of casual fans not paying attention to NKOK? This is also where today's journalism falls short. Don't praise them for everything they do, put them on the spot. Blatantly ask you're loyal fans would love to hear one obscure song. Why won't you play one?
  10. It's really a shame they feel they have to fit in to this pop culture. Listen to this song and then compare to anything off of Absolution. Musically it's not even close. This song is soooo repetitive and boring. It is just a reworked Madness. pretty funny the fan made versions are better.
  11. McCartney loves being on the stage and performing for people. It is blatantly obvious if you go see him that performing is his love. This is the reason he is on tour so much. I am not saying that Muse doesn't like performing but there is a definite difference and it is noticeable.
  12. The crowds are the way they are in the US because of Madness. It is that simple. While standing in line in the grocery store today Madness came on the easy listening station they play. The woman behind the register literally told me how much she loved the band who sings it but couldn't remember their name. They released that song to go after the general public (aka cash grab) and they got it. Now they have no right to complain that the crowds are calm when their most famous song here is considered easy listening. They veered away from their sound to get a wider audience base. Well, they got it and now they have to figure out how to work it out. Pissing off fans who have been around for a long time is probably not the way to go. On a different note while demoing some skis this week while the bindings were being set PiB came on in the store and every employee along with some other patrons knew it immediately by the feedback. People do know your older songs Muse. Maybe you could use the concerts as a way to introduce fans to some of your older stuff. Don't apologize for it, make it exciting. Instead of "none of you know it, please bear with me" try something like "here is an older one a ton of our fans love, get ready to rock." Huge difference there. One makes the crowd want to go to the bathroom, the other piques their interest. Kind of like if I cook dinner for someone. I don't apologizer and tell them it sucks as I hand them the plate. No matter how good it is they are expecting it to suck.
  13. What are you basing this information on? Only questioning because this has me excited because I thought they already said there was no second leg.
  14. The lack of Muse interaction with the crowd is something my wife always comments on. She has been to 9 shows and without fail after each one she always comments on how the band basically says nothing to the crowd other than once or twice yelling "thank you (enter name of city here)" or something along those lines. His light up glasses and not playing a guitar does not help with this. They should try playing a rarity and introduce it with some sort of story of when it is written (this is something acts that have been around forever do, such as Paul McCartney, Billy Joel). On that note he has definitely improved this over the years and has been getting better with the crowd. I thought the way he interacted with the fans in Toronto two nights in a row when they requested Dead Star was awesome.
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