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  1. I got offered the same "side view" they called them. So I turned them down and ended up getting tickets in the gods. It seemed like none of the decent close to stage blocks were even for sell today
  2. where is the best place to buy Seetickets? Gigs and tours? Ticketmaster?
  3. what block did you get your seats in ?
  4. Is soo annoyed with this whole thing. Received no emails but did get my money back. And with no email I can't get on the presale ! And no one will be nice enough to pm to me because they will think I'm a tout ! Oh well . ......
  5. I sent them an email no reply , rang them up and got told a load of rubbish why i hadn't received any emails or have had my money released but then about 1hour later i have my money back but still no email . What a load of rubbish!
  6. same here , they still have my money know . . . a good sign? has anyone been given there money back yet?
  7. Yeah and with the tickets not being cheap it could put some people in the red. Naughty of them to take the money know!
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