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  1. I don't consider them bad songs on the whole, just weaker than the rest. Out of curiosity what do you think the weakest tracks on the album are?
  2. Now I've given it time to sink in properly I'll give my in depth opinions: Well that took a while...
  3. It makes me laugh when people complain about this album not being "as heavy as promised". There are some really heavy moments... and they never even promised a "heavy" album. They promised an album that was (mostly) stripped back to a 3-piece rock format and up until aftermath that's exactly what it is. The whole attitude of 'if it's not heavy it's not good' really rustles my jimmies.
  4. Because a Muse-ical (sorry, not sorry) totally wouldn't be corny in any way
  5. With all this talk of Drones: The Musical I could see this being great towards the end. Post-aftermath, the protagonist is old and reads his child the story of The Globalist. The two of them sitting in the corner of the stage while the story is acted out around them. Just a strange image that's been in my head!
  6. - Riff - This is a hard one... Stockholm Syndrone probabaly - Bass - The Handler right now, but probably City of Delusion - Guitar solo - Reapers hands down - Drums - Assassin/Knights of Cydonia - Piano - Exogenesis pt. 2/Ruled by Secrecy - Vocals - Exogenesis pt. 3... Gives me the craziest chills - Backing vocals - Assassin/Dead Star - Chorus - Revolt right now for catchiness, but in terms of just quality probably Space Dementia... or Stockholm - Verses - Take a Bow - Intro - Citizen Erased - Outro - Muscle Museum - Lyrics - Hoodoo Quite a lot of BH&R on here considering it's one of my least favourite albums... just goes to show how good all their stuff is :')
  7. In no particular order: 1. B&H 2. Citizen Erased 3. MK Ultra 4. Exogenesis (it's one song, yo) 5. Explorers 6. Take a Bow 7. The Handler 8. Showbiz 9. Glorious 10. Space Dementia This will probably change a bit after Drones has properly sunk in and/or if I rediscover songs I haven't heard in a while etc
  8. I love the line "It's human nature, the greatest hunter will survive them all" Surpisingly apt
  9. TR: Unnatural Selection, MK Ultra, Exogenesis T2L: Supremacy, Explorers, Liquid State Drones: Dead Inside, The Handler, JFK + Defector
  10. Haha maybe that's why I love it :') A nice little bit of queen-style cheese written for his son! I can just imagine Matt rocking little Bingham to sleep, singing about oil and helium-3
  11. You mean "They'll laugh as they watch us fall"? Also: Why is this track 'Premium-Only' on spotify?
  12. All you heathens voting for explorers! I'll fight all of you!
  13. I've always felt BHaR was overhyped a bit. Exo-Politics, MotP, SMBH never really did that much for me, KoC is great live but a bit weak on the album, same with Starlight imo... everyone is entitled to their own opinion though
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