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  1. After #7. Only Blackout is new (and Dracula Mountain) Showbiz Sunburn 3x Unintended 3x Origin Of Symmetry New Born 7x Bliss 2x Plug In Baby 7x Citizen Erased 2x Feeling Good 6x Absolution Apocalypse Please 1x Time Is Running Out 7x Stockholm Syndrome 5x Interlude 5x Hysteria 6x Blackout 1x Butterflies & Hurricanes 2x Black Holes And Revelations Take A Bow 2x Starlight 7x Supermassive Black Hole 7x Map Of The Problematique 5x Invincible 1x Knights Of Cydonia 7x The Resistance Uprising 6x Resistance 6x Undisclosed Desires 6x United States Of Eurasia 4x Guiding Light 4x Unnatural Selection 3x MK Ultra 2x Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture) 2x The 2nd Law Supremacy 2x Madness 2x Panic Station 2x Survival 2x Follow Me 2x Animals 2x Explorers 1x Liquid State 2x Unsustainable 2x Isolated System 2x Other Man Of Mystery 1x Where The Streets Have No Name 1x Nishe 4x Helsinki Jam 2x MK Jam 1x Monty Jam 2x Dracula Mountain 1x
  2. Had a real fun night, Bastille was shit with a terrible sound but I don't think the sound made that much difference. I enjoyed Biffy Clyro when I expected I would hate it since last time in 2009 they really sucked. It was quite nice actually and the guitar player on the right was brilliant and hilarious at the same time. Of course I loved Muse. Bliss, Sunburn, Knights, funny Panic station and that beautiful guitar in Animals, just some highlights. As I expected Dead Star is going to be UK only and that's a sad thing but Butterflies blew me away and might be the best performed song last night. Unintended was beautiful if only we could hear Chris' guitar better. I don't mind them playing a set of songs on the B-stage or some running around. But when Matt left for another run to the b-stage in Madness for the second part and guitar solo I got the feeling that it was too much. It's the best part of that song and I would have loved to see it with my own eyes. But he left for the 3rd song in a row and I could feel the excitement in the crowd actually fading around me. Follow Me was boring and terrible. Worst perfomance of the night with of course Guiding Light as a close second. Blackout was better than expected, it's still a beautiful song. It was a great night after all
  3. It's just the entrances, one in the left corner and one in the right corner. Of course for Matt's side G is closer and J for Chris.
  4. Map, Hysteria, Sunburn, Butterflies, Liquid State, New Born (Micro Cuts? ) for Amsterdam? The wouldn't dare start playing Explorers and Save Me now, right...?
  5. I'm pretty sure it's possible to have pyro with a closed roof in the Arena.
  6. I asked this journalist to try and find out about GL, Starlight closing and why Matt hates his guitar nowadays. Funny he actually did ask those questions. It's all about trying to connect with the crowd and keeping them close etc...
  7. Don't worry, you just have your tickets scanned and that's all
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