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  1. O.k am confused about whats happening today. The Muse website are advertising it as a general sale? So whats the presale? Is it general sale through certain websites and pre sale through others? I was lucky and got 2 tickets for Birmingham. However I now cannot get time off (boooo). Luckily a friend was not lucky (never got an email though but has confirmed with crowd surge that he was not successful) and so I have offered him my two at face value. I am now trying to get 2 seated tickets for the O2 on the Saturday (as I don’t work Saturdays) but am confused about this pre sale and wether I’ll be able to access any of the tickets? *confused*!
  2. Sneaking over from the LG thread as also annoyed about this. Have spoken to the LG arena themselves and even they don't know if there will be seating available. I'm going to be 7 months pregnant at the time and so standing isn't going to be easy!! Can be done, but I'd really rather have a seat! If seating becomes available with general sale I will try, and if I fail I'll be hoping someone wants to swap!
  3. Love the t-shirts! Seriously tempted to order one for the NIA
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