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  1. Need some advice guys.


    As I couldn't get tickets for Manchester I caved and went through Get Me In so buy some. However being the idiot I am / Get Me In being crap I accidentally bought 3 tickets for 11th at the O2.


    Firstly am I able to re sell them through Musebay? They are obviously re sell tickets, so will there be problems with ID etc?


    Secondly, would you guys take the hit on the cost? They cost me £144 a ticket but as I can't get to London I'm wondering whether to take the financial hit and sell them at face value of original tickets (£73) as I'm more than likely to get rid of the bloody things?



  2. I've decided to console my self on paying (F***k***) tout prices by thinking about how organised I was sorting my hotel room. I got it for half the price they were the day after and they are now sold out both nights.

    At least I now have a few months to save up for another tour t-shirt ;):LOL:



    Shall we console each other on get me in pricing???

  3. FFS In my mad rush to buy manchester tickets I gave in and went through get me in, however I must have accidentily selected London!! AGRHHH.


    So I now have 3 spare standing tickets for this. I paid £444.49 for them. I'm assuming I can't get a refund for being an idiot?


    Yes I know paid way over the odds but I was DESPERATE

  4. So did I, who wants to sit down at a Muse concert? Let's hope they consider it safe enought to stand. Ticketmaster told me, that the tickets are General Admission in the balcony seats so it will be first come first served.



    I was 8 months pregnant at the O2 and my OH would only let me go if I sat down. Lol. I'll be honest I stood for most of the gig and regretted it after, my feet were KILLING! Lol

  5. Bit of a crappy system! I got sold out about 30 seconds after 9.30. Kept trying best available to no avail.


    Then decided to be selfish and chose 1 ticket, still no 'best avail'. So chose standing and got one! Went through all payment.


    Then went back and got another one!!


    So me and OH are both going but on 2 separate transactions. Don't get why they said there weren't 2 when there were???

  6. Do any locals have any tips? I've been to the Ricoh as an away fan before but as others have stated parking isn't really an issue then... (sorry but it's true! lol)


    We'll be staying in the travelodge (not the city centre one, the other one - can't remember what it's called, lol) but am unsure wether to drive and park there or to get a bus or what?


    Many Thanks :)

  7. Yes yes yes!!!


    New songs far better in person, love they've still got the old selection, the stage was epic (before they came on I was unsure how they'd do anything with it as it looked dull!) and the LASERS!!!!! Think the boyfriend is a convert just on the lasers!!


    And now to sleep!


    Have to ask what where the last few songs? Left after uprising expecting harmonica man / knights but it wasn't!! Lol

  8. For those guys who came last night can anyone let me know the last 2 songs?


    I'm the pregnant one who needs to get on a tube quick! Lol.


    I think we're planning to miss the last song as I can't run very fast now (lol) and would rather get to the tube early as have found today (after a day in London) that people don't give up seats for pregnant ladies and I don't think I can stand all the way to Wembley! Lol.


    Much appreciated guys :D

  9. Was also starting to wonder about this. My tickets for the O2 gig which I bought through gigsticketsandtours have already come through, but the ones I got for this concert on the official presale (as I now can’t attend am giving to a friend) I’ve heard nada!


    Glad I’m not the only one :)

  10. Yeah, don't stay near Heathrow, that will take you ages to get back to back from the O2. The O2 is on the Jubilee line, and if you take that back to Waterloo or Southwark there are several Travelodges there, and it's only 15 minutes travel.


    The cheapest one is about £70 which we can't afford. I've done the trip out to Heathrow before and it does take about an hour, but thats ok :)

  11. Right I’m thinking logistics now!


    I tend to stay in a Travelodge by Heathrow when I go to London gigs. When we went to Wembley we legged it just before the end of the last song, got on the first tube, squeezed in with all the others and off we went. This will probably be the same for this one, but I’m going to be rather pregnant at this gig. Lol.


    If I was to leave before the last song (criminal I know, but needs must!) and leg it to the tube I’m ‘hoping’ there is a better chance of getting a seat so that I don’t get bumped too much.


    Having never been to the O2 arena how far is it to the tube? The set up at Wembley was really well organised and they got everyone out quite quickly. Has anyone been to the O2 and has it been just as good?


    Many Thanks x

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