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  1. Need some advice guys. As I couldn't get tickets for Manchester I caved and went through Get Me In so buy some. However being the idiot I am / Get Me In being crap I accidentally bought 3 tickets for 11th at the O2. Firstly am I able to re sell them through Musebay? They are obviously re sell tickets, so will there be problems with ID etc? Secondly, would you guys take the hit on the cost? They cost me £144 a ticket but as I can't get to London I'm wondering whether to take the financial hit and sell them at face value of original tickets (£73) as I'm more than likely to get rid of the bloody things? AGRHHHH!!!
  2. In my rush I might have accidentally bought tickets for London and I can't go!!!
  3. Shall we console each other on get me in pricing???
  4. I also went through get me in and have paid a blinding price. BUT the 8th is my birthday so I had to go :/
  5. I have also just bought from Get me in, cost a bit too much
  6. FFS In my mad rush to buy manchester tickets I gave in and went through get me in, however I must have accidentily selected London!! AGRHHH. So I now have 3 spare standing tickets for this. I paid £444.49 for them. I'm assuming I can't get a refund for being an idiot? Yes I know paid way over the odds but I was DESPERATE
  7. Managed to get 1 ticket in the presale on Tuesday but noticed my ticket master account says I have 0 tickets for muse at a cost of £0...? My email says 1 though. Any one else got this?
  8. Can anyone remember normally how many tickets members can buy? Is it 2 or 4? :-)
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