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  1. How do people know its only a 30 minute gig? I'm starting to wonder if its worth travelling to it now haha
  2. Thanks very much Should probably have read the email abit more. Buying/Acquiring Gig tickets during work hours is frowned upon...
  3. Am I the only person who can't seem to print their tickets? It says that Ticketfast is unavailable?
  4. From what i have gathered, they are sending all the confirmation emails first, then just one email to all the REJECTS at the same time
  5. i have no email on the plus side, it will make my day at work thursday a lot more interesting...
  6. So there is still hope as no-one appears to have had an email yet haha As someone said to me earlier on ( i apologise i cant remember who) *Positive vibes*
  7. people have birmingham tickets? ahhh i must have failed!
  8. We do still get an email even if we were unsuccessful don't we?
  9. They should have done it Alphabetical order just so Birmingham was First and we could be put out of our misery!
  10. So are they sending the emails in order of the gig date? First glasgow then the o2 then Birmingham etc... Just as i am going to leave work after spending all day staring at the depressing hotmail screen...
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