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  1. Can someone PM the presale code/link plzzz <3. I don't seem to have gotten one... (You do get one just for being a member of this site right? I usually get them...)
  2. I felt so bad for Matt in that gig when an audience member shouts "Madness is shit!". Obviously the audience member has a point but before this heckling Matt is all bubbly and the most talkative I've ever seen him at a gig but then afterwards you can see his mood drop It's allllllllllllllllll about this though
  3. I must have a terrible memory, I don't remember seeing them at all . Those lazers are brilliant. That's the first positive thing I've ever said about Follow Me, shame it wasn't about the actual song
  4. That was it, it was this specific video I seen. Looks so impressive from this far back. Especially just as the first chorus is ending and then the second verse edit: Fuck I forgot how good the lazers were for New Born on The Resistance arena tour
  5. I don't actually think the visuals are that impressive, it doesn't look any different than the setup for any other big name EDM act except on a center stage mmm gotta love lazers. There's a video of Stockholm Syndrome at some festival in America on The Resistance tour with some mental lazers going into the sky if anyone can find it I'd love Matt to take some inspiration from Eric Prydz
  6. This is what confuses me. As Rob Da Bank isn't a cunt and wouldn't trick people into buying tickets under false pretentions. When Matt originally said they were playing Bestival, they were heavily rumoured to be headlining above Duran Duran who were confirmed at the time to be sub-headlining. Since then Duran Duran have been bumped up to headline the festival and a super secret special act has been added to the Saturday. So maybe matt has been told to be super special ultra secret with the fact they're playing Bestival now as they're not going to be announced for it just like The Libertines at Glastonbury this year. I just can't see it not being them even with Matt denying it. Who else could it be?
  7. The guy said it today and he's not really a bullshitter, no idea what they said about Download, probably mentioning that it was the only UK festival they're doing this summer or something
  8. "So I just bumped into Matt Bellamy at Newton Abbot station (he was waiting outside for his mum to pick him up, bless), so I asked him if Muse were playing bestival and he said "no", I said I thought they were the special guests and he said "definitely not". Said about download and something about a UK tour coming up early next year. Nice guy. Very polite. So there you have it folks. Straight from the horses mouth. Unless he wasn't prepared to say yes, he seemed pretty adamant though" boooooooooooooooooooooooooo I was so convinced it was them
  9. No, Butterflies and Hurricanes is my favourite song (subjective fact) and Citizen Erased is their best song (objective fact)
  10. Uprising - meh Resistance - good (but horrific live) Undisclosed Desires - surprisingly I hated it for years but now I like it... USoE - good Guiding Light - More like Guiding Shite, amirite? Unnatural Selection - Good song other than that 2 minute shitty solo Mk Ultra - Fantastic song, one of Muse's best I Belong To You - Gash All 3 parts of Exogenesis - meh It's better than The 2nd Law, I'm not sure about Drones though. Worse than everything else by a country mile
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