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  1. Sorry guys got no emails about replies for some reason :s CTMEOY I have suggested and was shot down - not sure why??? IBTY I'd not thought of, she has French relatives so could sort of work too! Would still love a slowed down/acoustic version of Invincible but don't think it will happen
  2. Not really to be honest. We both just like similar music thats about it haha. Is Unintended not very break up style too. Muse don't seem to have many proper love songs
  3. Hey guys, I'm getting married next year and have been trying to decide on a first dance song with my fiancee for ages now. I've always said I'd love a Muse song but can't decide which I originally thought of 'Invincible' but it seems a little quick - are there any slowed down versions at all? Can't say i've seen any. Also thought of Blackout as the music fits but my fiancee dislikes the lyrics as she thinks it sounds break up-y. Anyone have any thoughts? Much appreciated if you do
  4. Just rang See now as my reference number didn't appear when I searched for it, they said the orders are going through slowly and should all be processed by lunch time so ring back then if no order number is found yet. Just incase anyone else is worried.
  5. Top tier of Sheffield isn't all that high. I'm just above you in row H and a little further along. Should be a good gig from there, at least near the stage.
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