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  1. Not being able to get tickets cus of a crappy website is one thing (and not an uncommon thing), but being told my code doesn't work is a load of fucking shit! And nothing will be done about it, even though according to here and twitter, there were a lot of people in the same boat...
  2. anyone still just getting the erruer page? Been trying for 30 mins:(
  3. having seen them at teignmouth birmingham and glasto ive learnt to expect the standard (dull) set and simply hope for one or two good ones i havent heard, so i still hold hop for tomoz also can anyone tell me if there was a golden circle tonight and if so what the system is, e.g 1st come 1st served etc. thanks
  4. Definately 'Thoughts of a dying atheist '. the 1st time i saw it i thought f*ck thats powerful others that deserve a notable mention; Hysteria, meglomania, ruled by secrecy and take a bow
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