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  1. Will post a few pics tomorrow. What a night! Not my fave Muse gig but loved it anyway! Fave bit? Knights intro Still haven't recovered lol
  2. It was just raining in Dublin 2 / 4 so expect some rain at the O2 as well. Hope you guys are keeping yourselves toasty!
  3. Probably cos it serves food as well and it can be full of yuppies. It's a really cosy place though. Ely, which is just across the street from the Harbourmaster is even worse, yuppie central. I think there's a few more pubs in The IFSC but can't think of any at the moment.
  4. True, 5 euro for a pint (if you are lucky) is a bit expensy...some places in Temple Bar would probably be cheaper than the IFSC however the IFSC is so much handier. It's a 10min walk from there to the O2.
  5. It's the financial district of Dublin, it's kinda on the quays, between Connolly train station and Busaras and the O2. The Harbourmaster is a lovely place, might be a bit full on a Friday though. Ely CHQ is kinda expensive, lovely cokctails though. There's quite a few casula resaurants as well plus a SubWay
  6. Ah it probably will be! The arena has a really good design and the views are fantastic from all angles! For KoL I was dead centre and I felt much further from the band than at Neil Young. Oh it's almost Thursday whihc means that the gig is almost tomorrow A-museing, there is a cloakrook, near Entrance 1.
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