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  1. haha yeah it's a snug little fit in the hand but it's hard to tell if it's on or not! They DEFFO need to get a better microphone in there though, maybe one will appear on the production model One that managed to mask Matt's howler of a bad note at the beginning of Hysteria would've been nice!! I don't think I've ever seen him play a wrong note, so it was almost a jaw-dropper!
  2. Got there quite late at 8.30pm (went to Anfield, then back to Leeds, cooked dinner for family, then back out to Manchester lol), absolutely immense night. Didn't get as close as when they played the RAH, but my WORD what a setlist and crowd. The sit-down/stand-up-and-go-mental Plug In Baby thing was pretty damn good too! Took a tiny new device my company is testing with me to see what it'd do, not bad video (no LCD display to piss those off around me) but I think they need to beef up the microphone LOL - Dom and Chris completely distorted it, but here it is anyway, or at least what I took when I remembered to press the button...
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