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  1. Haha. Nice to meet you (briefly)! :happy: I'm glad you weren't the person I crashed in to.

  2. Were you the lady in sandals?

  3. You make me smile.

  4. Hi,


    I'm watching The Office.




    PS. You'll be here soon.

  5. In 24 hours, I'll be waiting for a plane.

  6. Hello! You were on the coach back from Manchester. I kept staring at you, because I was like "they have to be from the forum, travelling that far," but I never ended up asking whether you were. Oh well, at least you know who that weirdo on the coach was now.

  7. Yes, it's all part of the plan.

  8. I want to have sex with Matthew Bellamy, can you get me in there?

  9. Street Drum Corps and LeftAlone. SDC are so full of energy, they were awesome to watch.


    Leto sang a few songs in the audience, and did a request AND sung happy birthday to the person next to him. He started a whole seated vs. standing thing, basically calling the seated people pussy grandmas. And at the end he pulled like 20 people up on stage. I haven't seen a mainstream band do this kind of thing, it was nice.


    I have been headachey, and can feel an ear infection looming. The latter is more of a worry, because I've had ear problems constantly, while growing up.

  10. It was great, he involves the crowd so well. Though, I do think he should shut up a bit lol


    The support were good, surprisingly. Met one of the bands after


    Don't be sick for our trip, you hear? I'll take care of you, if you are :awesome:

  11. I'm tired and sick right now, but I did see 30 Seconds to Mars, earlier =)


    How are you?

  12. Can has poutine?:supersad:

  13. Aurora Lujan Keane, I miss you! D=

  14. Chris Martin is turd.


    Hi Am :happy:

  15. Don't be sorry! Thanks, glad I could make you laugh :happy:

  16. Bandwidth exceeded?! Just what I've always wanted :awesome:


    Have a great Christmas Josse :happy:

  17. Chicken and apple. I want to sleep D= I feel tired

  18. Oh em gee, i've had two different kinds of pie today.

  19. I'm the sensible friend, I swear :awesome:

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