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    When I grow up I'm gonna buy a airbazooka.

    I'm afraid of ants mainly because I fell into a antnest when I was little. So when I dare and have the opportunity for revenge, I pee on them.
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    Lost in gravity
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    Play guitar, watching scrubs, drink earl grey (original) and staring at a white wall when I have the time.
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    Working for the gouverment - top secret
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    Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, Bloc Party, White Stripes
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    The Da Vinci Code, Forrest Gump, Day after tomorrow
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    Scrubs, The IT Crowd
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    Terry Pratchet
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    Showbiz, B H & R
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  1. Can't remember, I've had it for a fair while now!

  2. Awesome avatar! Sweden ftw :D Where did you get it?

  3. :D for the beginning, i need to register on youtube)))))

    oo, i like 911tabs.com more)

    yeah, and i have learned how to play Space Dementia...mmm...)

  4. I have to see the video! Upload it on youtube! :D

    I've been playing guitar for about 4 years. I think I'm pretty skilled but I don't think I'm better than an averege :/

    ULTIMATE-GUITAR.COM is an great site where you can find all Muse song there is :)

  5. i wrote it, but i can't invent music to it))) also i have played a cover to House of The Rising Sun, and i have a video of it)

    о_О and how long are you playing guitar?

    can you give me tabs of KOC?))))

  6. You wrote a song? I would like to hear that! :)

    I play plugin baby, hysteria, TIRO, darkshines, knights of cydonia, stockholm syndrome, falling away with you and many more. I'm a nerd but Muse is the one that made me want to play guitar :p

  7. :D eeh, we'll meet at Wembley :) yesterday i wrote my first song)))) oo, and do you play any MUSE songs?


    and i haven't been to your country, but want to visit it in future) yes, Russian cities are very beautiful, especially Moscow and Saint-Petersburg)

  8. It would be awsome if he had green hair!!
  9. I draw and play guitar too :happy:

    We can meet when we will be worldfamous by our music (;

    I've never been to Russia but I really want to.. Heard that the citys are beautiful :)

  10. I'm Diana :)

    now i don't often here, because i have creative period of life...) i draw, play guitar and don't have much time for internet :)

    Have you ever been to Russia?)

  11. No problem :happy:

    My name is William

    what about yours? (:

  12. oh, thanks)

    sorry, that i was answering for too long! :)

    what's your name?)

  13. Because you seems like a nice person and I would be honoured to be your friend :)

    Im feeling good btw :happy:

  14. Hello!

    how are you?

    why did you invite me to your friends?

    *sorry for my bad english))

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