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  1. TSP for sure! Something about it draws me in every time plus it's one of my favorite songs I think. As much as I absolutely LOVE Fury, I just think TSP fits the album better and picks it up towards the end - even though I love the general doom and gloom of abso, I think if fury had've taken the small print's exact place that 2nd half would've dragged somewhat


    Probably the song I would lose it the most to if I ever saw it live; which seems unlikely :(


    Also, another toada fan here

  2. [ Insert Brisbane 2013 setlist here ]


    Funny because Brisbane 2010 was arguably one of the best sets on TR tour.




    The 2nd Law: Isolated System

    1. Supremacy

    2. Supermassive Black Hole

    3. Panic Station

    4. Resistance

    5. Interlude

    6. Hysteria

    7. MWAH + Knights of Cydonia

    8. Feeling Good

    9. Follow Me

    10. Undisclosed Desires

    11. Guiding Light

    12. Animals

    13. Madness

    14. Time Is Running Out

    15. Plug In Baby

    16. Unnatural Selection

    17. The 2nd Law: Unsustainable

    18. Uprising



    19. Starlight

    20. Survival


    I missed that 2010 Brisbane gig! And this was the only gig I went to for t2l tour...

    Unnatural was great but otherwise feeling good -> guiding light was a total snooze fest and is what I would consider torture

  3. I admit the first time I heard it I was like... :rolleyes:. But, now, I took an exam in the morning, and I've found myself playing Revolt in repeat. It makes me happy and confident. I can revolt! :happy:


    I listened to this right before an exam this morning too. and while it woke me up after minimal sleep, I just found I was singing along in my head instead of writing answers :p

  4. I'll never get that image of Matt giggling and dropping things out of my head when I listen to it.

    I so wish I hadn't watched that first.


    I had that exact thought listening to it the first few times haha.


    God damn it frustrates me beyond belief when the riffage cuts out only for the ballad to begin... such an anticlimax after that heavy middle section; one of my favourite parts of the album. Was hoping for that tremolo riff to either continue for a bit or evolve even further. I was looking forward to that one, I absolutely love it.


    That being said it's a solid song, especially those first 2 sections

  5. I don't know about this song... Hasn't made me feel anything really. It might have, as I love the atmosphere in the intro, the guitar etc. and the first verse, but then yeah, basically this:


    This one is weird. I love the intro guitar and the verses are alright... but that melody at "Now and forever" feels like I'm in fucking youth group.


    Don't get me started on the sing-along at the end.


    the intro/first verse start so well and then as soon as Matt sings "from this moment" it gets far too christian rock optimism for me and it ruins the whole thing, and don't get me started on the ending


    between this and the country/christian rock vibes from revolt i'm pretty concerned about how much that music scene in america is influencing Matt :LOL: in saying that, both songs are growing on me

  6. Stunning end to the album, I respect Matt for giving it a go and doing an unreal job of it. I really like it as the album closer, and especially after the Globalist


    It's something you would play whilst butchering your family


    I like it but it's definitely not something I would show off to my friends.


    "Hey man, have you heard the new Muse record?! This track it great"

    *My mother, my father, my brother, my puppy, killed by Droneeeeees*




  7. At first listen today: this is the strangest fucking thing muse have ever produced. Felt like it was country crossed with high school musical... (was just losing it reading the comments here seeing I wasn't the only one with those comparisons)


    Then: I don't think I hate it but the chorus is so inspiring and weird but yet I'm actually smiling due to the weirdness


    Now: I physically cannot stop myself happily fist pumping "you can grow!" It's ridiculous. But I keep finding myself singing it? It's just so positive so it's weird, but it really does come in at the right time

  8. UK/EU Arena tour apparently confirmed for end of this year into early 2016 at Big Weekend.



    looking to be in the UK from jan to early feb so am really hoping this actually happens while I'm still there. In need of that live muse fix...

  9. Vowels and consonants are important here.




    oh man, I feel like I'm back in my speech path processes class. I was actually practicing my transcription with muse lyrics the other day. funny seeing /ʃ/ written somewhere other than in my uni assessment, haha


    anyway, I like that this song has some uncertainty around the lyrics and that they aren't directly in our faces (well, not live anyway) which has been the case more often than not lately with muse. the music is great, and the lyrics aren't shaping up to be too bad either. really, really liking this song!

  10. "too many dicks and she's on the screen"


    before I knew the lyrics to Do we need this. still not sure if I genuinely thought those were the lyrics, or if I just sung it like that because I thought it was funny.


    either way, still use those lyrics when I'm driving because that song doesn't go through my car speakers very well for some reason and is weirdly distorted


    That outro with the vocals is so awesome :facemelt:


    fucking hell! :facemelt: sounds unreal


    I'll admit that it kind of was a grower for me too. mainly just the solos, I've actually liked the chorus from the start, though you could hear it was pretty weak to start out with. but far out it's just sounding better and better. absolutely love the sense of urgency, like TSP or something - which I would kill to see live

  12. The lyrics and their delivery totally make this song for me, they are the kind of feeling I look for in a Muse song; musically I'm not crazy, but just Matt singing that makes me even feel sorry for him sometimes :(


    yeah this


    the delivery + lyrics are definitely my favourite thing about this track too. you can just hear how sorta hopeless he feels and the emotion in his voice. which is obviously sad and it makes me feel for the guy, but at the same time adds an element to the song that I can definitely see fitting into the album/transitioning into psycho

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