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    Oh you ;) stop it...


    Haha ive been good! Just living the shithouse life of a year 12 student in far north queensland, counting down the days till I go to France again!!!! :dance::party::D (19 November yewwww) Other than that just lots of study and hating school and opting for anything Muse rather than modern history :)

    What about you my sweetcheeks?! Mwa

  2. Oh baaaaaabby I missed you too ;)

    All the hype of the 2nd Law has brought me back to the .mu digs and I lurve it xoxo musey gal

  3. Your last post to me is beautiful deep insightful loving thought provoking intelligent aaaaaaaand all in all a great quote which I have been watching and lolling at all night.. :) thanks for listening pal, haven't been on here in years mwah mwah :kiss:

    It could've been bigger

  4. classsssssssssic undertitle! :LOL:

  5. haha:awesome: its cool, its cooool. yeah same i absolutely loove that photo of them, so cute and blue hair is win ;)

    thats fine, and i have no idea haha im really bad at choosing :p showbiz origin or abso? or bhar? yeah i honestly cant choose cos hullabaloo's in there too! :p wbu?

  6. hey there! :happy:

    best av just sayin :eyebrows: hahha

  7. haha, dw about it pretty sure i talk waaay longer to reply! :p such a fail muser lately :( ahaha. oh serious that's mad as, I'd no doubt love your accent then :D it's weird how many accent england and like america have. then australia just has two. normal and bogan :chuckle: bogan being the one most people tend to think of australians with :LOL: meehhh all american accents are nothing sspecial i dont reckon

    yeah neither, just getting a little bit keen for NYE :party: definitely, and i ended up yesterday getting a late chrissy present which was a muse shirt a pic of the band on it and a resistance iphone case :musesign: wbu?

  8. little bit late, but hope you had a very merry christmas toooo! :D:party: and happy last day of 2010 for tomorrow :awesome:

  9. latest reply but the english accent like muse's? like matt's haha to dieeeeee for :p cant be bothered to reply to the rest cos it's from aaages ago :LOL: I havent been on here is months! whats been going on guuurl? :awesome: haaaaaa just quickly i hate the american accent, and a large amount of americans :p

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