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    Kimbra, QOTSA, Gotye
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    That one with the guy who does the stuff and wears the shirt
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    Seinfeld, Dexter, Homeland, Peep Show, The Office, Extras, Game of Thrones, The Micallef P(r)ogram(me).
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    Ridiculously priced uni textbooks
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    All albums in varying forms
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    15.07.10 Vieilles Charruex, France.
    (Citizen Erased played in the rain was a beautiful moment...)
    10.12.13 Brisbane Entertainment Centre
    (Threw a spare purple bra I had with me - long story... - on stage during Starlight and Matt and Dom talked about it on national radio... lol)
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  1. Yeah, I wish the whole thing with my wallet never happened. I wasn't thinking straight with three hours of sleep and just being tired overall after the concert.


    "That's right, bitches - I lei'd Matt!" :LOL:


    Awww thank you! But I agree with you - Matt... *swoons some more* I've been sleeping with this picture. :chuckle:


    I don't venture in the PMT but they'd probably be jealous/have a field day with it!


    No, not a ton of fans hounding them, thankfully. After I lei'd him :chuckle: he let out his adorable/hilarious laugh, then took off for a bit. Then later, when I came back from my hotel room, I took that photo with him. It was hard to talk in there because the music was so loud, and I couldn't form words! All I said to him was, "Hi," "I made this lei for you" and "thank you." And I touched his right shoulder when we took that pic together lol.


    Maaaan, I wish there was a way for all fans to meet them! I seriously didn't think that would actually happen to me. :eek:

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