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  1. DUDY!!! its been forevah!!!


  2. Dude... Love ur sig. :yesey:

  3. Pretty good! Just in english class, sippin on dr pepper, and screwing around on this ipad here obviously. ;)

  4. NOOOO WAY! Hey buddeh! :kiss:

  5. Did u change ur muser name? What was it before?

  6. yeah... im not a techno person... im an alternative rock person

  7. thats awesome! but aren't you a year younger than me? what year are you in? because I'm in 11th grade which is 12th year for you i think... im almost in 12th, my last year. I'm really into skrillex right now it's insane because I don't like techno... I think its my boyfriends fault. :/

  8. There's a difference between a college and university here... A college usually applies to 2 years while a university is a 4+ year schooling. So I plan on going to a college first to get my main classes done then transfer to a university to major in graphic design!

  9. HAHA! I'm the kind of fellow who needs a hi? why thanks you fellow muser! ;)

  10. I know about those, my step dad is english and his family lives in Norwich so i heard about his nieces A levels a lot. I finished them btw, they were really easy! But still our education system sux here...

  11. ugh we're taking these test here to graduate from high school. they're really easy but they take up 3 days... :facepalm:

  12. how art thou... yes. do i know you? :p

  13. take good care of do we need this! it was hard to decide if i wanted to replace it... :)

  14. pfft not soon enough! :p i don't get on at all really.... meh. im on my xbox all the time now.

  15. how art thou?

  16. SURPRISE!!! it's been forever I know!!! haha! u can finally see me... my avatar. but yeah im not going to be spending much time on here after this week though. but i will try my best to keep up. WOAH! youre 16? I'm 17! hmmpft... jkjk! weel keep in touch!

  17. ive been extremely busy... and I dont really get on the computer much anyway... HAHA! when I get a lot of messages I always forget someone... :( but luckily I dont have hundreds of friends like some people do!

  18. Forgy is back!!!! How have u been?

  19. Hey dudy! It's forgy! ;) it's been a while I know... Ive been through a lot in the past year and couldn't pay attention to everything. But we should make new love boats for eachother... Both have gone under I think... Anyways... Talk to you soon!

  20. Wow... i really dont get on here anymore... i feel so unloyal to muse! :supersad:

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