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    i was an ordinary person... but one day i heard MUSE... and this group is my life since that time...)
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    Russia, Petrozavodsk
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    music, guitar
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    Evanescence, Guano Apes, Oasis, The Cranberries, Mylene Farmer, Placebo
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    "Pluncett & Macleane", "Pirates of The Caribbean", "Constantine", "Dead Poet's Society", "V for Vendetta"
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    "The Lord of the Rings"
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    Showbiz, Origin of summetry, Hullabaloo, Absolution, Black Holes & Revelations
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    Vừa qua, trong một triển lãm xe hơi ở Singapore, người mẫu 9X Miki Ace đã lên tiếng vạch mặt một người đàn ông vì chỉ chuyên chụp lén những chỗ nhạy cảm. Trên trang cá nhân, cô khẳng định vì nhìn thấy "gã yêu râu xanh" này có cử chỉ lén lút nhắm ống kính máy ảnh vào mình nhiều lần nên cảm thấy nghi ngờ từ đầu.

  2. Please click my LINK to help me get the album Hullabaloo! :)

  3. hey)

    no, I didn't

  4. Hello,


    Do you by any chance use IRC with the same name? _Bliss_?

  5. :D for the beginning, i need to register on youtube)))))

    oo, i like 911tabs.com more)

    yeah, and i have learned how to play Space Dementia...mmm...)

  6. i wrote it, but i can't invent music to it))) also i have played a cover to House of The Rising Sun, and i have a video of it)

    о_О and how long are you playing guitar?

    can you give me tabs of KOC?))))

  7. :D eeh, we'll meet at Wembley :) yesterday i wrote my first song)))) oo, and do you play any MUSE songs?


    and i haven't been to your country, but want to visit it in future) yes, Russian cities are very beautiful, especially Moscow and Saint-Petersburg)

  8. I'm Diana :)

    now i don't often here, because i have creative period of life...) i draw, play guitar and don't have much time for internet :)

    Have you ever been to Russia?)

  9. oh, thanks)

    sorry, that i was answering for too long! :)

    what's your name?)

  10. Hello!

    how are you?

    why did you invite me to your friends?

    *sorry for my bad english))

  11. oo, new photo :) cool)

    and what is your real name?)

  12. Happy Birthday, Matthew

    wish you to get all what you want :)

    we are waiting for you in Russia...)


    with love from Russia...

  13. mmm, chocolate...) there is a chocolate in my country, that is called "Bliss " I like it very much
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