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  1. No problem.:happy:

  2. Thank you!

  3. Happy Birthday! :party:

  4. I actually had to look it up and it was actually 250 extra hours. But I'm going to drop Spanish for next year, not a lot of people want to go on to step 5 and I'd have to take it at another (super pretentious) school. So I cba.

    Yeah, the change was so sudden, I couldn't believe it. But the weather's been kind of shit again this week, it even snowed/hailed on day. But today it's sunny :LOL:

    Ugh, I have exams every week at the moment. I'm done with Spanish, and have had 2 out of four in English, I'll do the rest next week. I've got maths in a few weeks as well. Plus I just had a physics test and will have a test on genetics at the end of the term. Then there's the magazine and we've only got 4 more lessons, and I need to write for that as well for my journalism course, and there's a presentation in chemistry. And I'm going to fit reading a book in English in there somewhere. This is the downside to studying a lot of subjects :LOL: Strange thing is though, when I write it down it seems there's so much to do, but I still don't find it terribly overwhelming

  5. ahh i had to do that for art and bio as well, still cant remember if i said about my stupid biology coursework but yeah... stupid self project choosing xD it is horrible

    more or less me too, school and watching TV, and being a nerd and lazing around :LOL:

    it sounds so much better... though i like focusing on a few subjects i miss loads of them :(

    100 hours does sound impressive.. i wonder how long i've spent on stuff.... damn i should've really counted for one subject xD

    wow lool your weather changes quickly then, snow --> 20 degrees out haha,

    oops, only just read the bit you wrote at the bottom, and now i sound like an idiot above :chuckle:

    basically i had to redo it about 4 times all of the redos were teachers' or technicians' faults or the school lacking equipment or something and now my teacher is getting bitchy because 3 of us in the class haven't finished it to very high standards, FOUR TIMES i had to redo it :LOL: gah

    art, psychology and biology still, except i can't be bothered with psychology anymore.. the exam's in quite a while so i'm not gonna revise till i reaaally have to :shifty:

    i feel like i should be a lot more nervous about these exams tbh... more nervous about going to uni next year :eek:

  6. We have to choose our projects for next year before the 15th and me and my friends have no idea what the hell we're going to do. And it's 100 hours of work so it needs to be something good. And related to science.


    That's because my life only consists of school and wasting away in my bed :LOL:

    We do take a wide array of subjects in Sweden, at least if you're going to go on to university studies. It's not really until then that it gets narrowed down. Plus because of how the system works it can be beneficial to take extra courses, more than the amount needed to graduate. I think I'm going to end up with a surplus of 50-100 hours of extra courses. Which is really just one course, but 100 hours sounds more impressive :awesome:

    My break was great, I had time to finish everything I needed to and the weather was great. The last snow had pretty much disappeared less than two weeks earlier and we had more than 20 degrees and sun outside.

    No, you hadn't. What are you studying right now?

  7. cause the onnly exam project title that wasn't unbelievably shit was called 'fantastic cotumes' :chuckle:


    you'll probably do really well :D i swear whenever I ask you what you've been up to there's studying in there somewhere :p

    nah graphic communication sounds right, I was going to go into graphics.. god i cant believe you do that as well as mats and science though lool i feel so underachieving

    my easter SHOULD have been the best break but i had to leave all my art to last minute because of my biology coursework.. cant remember if i've told you about that yet though lool, we're having like the slowest convesation ever xD

  8. Why are you making dresses?


    Well, my life has pretty much been like I said earlier, a lot of studying and not a lot of everything else. But hopefully I did well, and I got good results on the things I have got back, so now that I've finally got Easter break I can relax. I only have to do some maths and try to come up with some stuff for the magazine we're doing in graphic communication (that's the literal translation, there's probably some other name for it that works better), and the rest of the time I can just lie back on the couch and enjoy my candy. I'm probably going to do something with my best friend during the week, but we haven't decided what yet.

    This is pretty much going to be the best break of my life, simply because I needed it so bad


  9. aghh i forgot to reply again, i saw the little PM number and i looked and then forgot :facepalm:

    wow, i wish i had the will power lool, i've been trying to finish my art project for a week and i've only managed to make this one suit jacket thing... and i have to make 2 dresses :stunned:

    me neither tbh :chuckle: and she intoduced some tax and miners didn't like her, and now she has dementia, the extent of my thatcher knowledge there :LOL:

    same lately, biology has gotten so shit since i've had to redo my coursework for like the millionth time


    they were probably all good because they were starting out and wanted to impress everyone :p yay for packed lunch :D


    how's life since you last talked?

  10. My life right now is pretty much eat, study, sleep, repeat. But some relatives are visiting form the north today so I've given myself a day off. Plus, this week the test isn't until Friday, so I have a bit more time during the week.

    I actually don't know a lot about Thatcher apart from that no one seems to like her :LOL:

    It's not for everyone, but then again, what subject is? I absolutely detest biology, although that's probably got more to do with my teacher than the subject itself. Chemistry isn't that fun either, it's a lot of work.


    Unfortunately, the quality of the food seems to have gone down a bit now. It's a shame because it was really good the first week.

  11. ughh i hate that, when they dump something on you that they know full well will take up most of your leisure time, same's happened with my biology coursework :mad:

    although i do nothing in my leisure time so maybe i should just get on with it

    they really are :stunned: stupid damn tories, i was watching a programme about the 80's last night and literally the government are doing a lot of what margaret thatcher did...

    maths seems like a cool subject, but it's in the same realm as physics as in, the subjects i would need to have completely different other subjects to actually be able to get a good grade in :chuckle:


    last time i ate anything my school bought/ made was yeaars ago, it used to be so shit :LOL: now it's mainly sandwiches, yay for bringing your own lunch I say :D

  12. Reading through my previous post, it really wasn't coherent at all :LOL: Oh well.


    Ugh, I have a maths test on Wednesday and an essay for Tuesday, I'll pretty much have to spend the whole weekend studying. School is stopping me from living my life, it's so stifling. Sometimes I really do hate it.


    Wow, congratulations! The tuition fees are cray-cray though, I don't know how you deal with them.

    I have no idea what I'm going to do when I grow up, at least I've got one more year before I have to apply for uni. Lately I've been thinking I might take maths, but it's really what I want. I think it'll be my plan B.


    In other news, my school has a new caterer for the cafeteria and oh my god, it's delicious. It actually tastes like normal food and the rice has been boiled, not fried. Needless to say, our standards are quite low :LOL: Looking back now, I honestly don't know how we put up with it, it was so bad. Unfortunately we might get the old one back after Easter so that a bit sad.

  13. s'fiine :p i have too, i reaaally shouldn't spend so much time on the board... it's like facebook in addictive website terms..

    douchenozzles! :LOL: that is an amazing insult haa

    woww.. you must have worked up some proper shopping craings :LOL: i find it really depressing that i get those.... it's just satisfying having new things though innit :chuckle:

    ughh i have a whole day (well, 4 hours) of revising the same subject :'( it's gonna be soooo boring

    they tell you to take breaks and not do too much each day, i'm sorry 4 hours is too much lool

    cannot wait till easter <3 i'll be able to focus on art coursework


    welll.. i might have got into the one i wanted, my mum phones up because she was panicking even more than me, they told her all the rejection letter had been sent out so if i didn't have one i probably got in :D even if i don't i got accepted to another one which costs £6000 for the one year but.. i dunno i'd get a job or something....

  14. Oh god, I haven't answered for a month :$ I'm so sorry. There's been a lot going on in real life lately.

    I went to the concert, and it was amazing. I ended up right behind a group of annoying douchenozzles tough, and they were pretty much jumping on me and I get elbowed a few times, but other than that, all great.

    Edinburgh was great, but it was windy as hell and both me and mum got real tired, one evening she fell asleep at 8 :noey: I spent most of the money I'd saved, about £150 and it felt great since I hadn't gone shopping since November before that. Now I'm broke though, so not that great any more. But I got a pair of jeans that fit properly, for the first time in my life.

    Now I have a physics test coming up tomorrow, and my best friend told me we apparently have tests every Wednesday for a couple of weeks now. But soon it's Easter and I'll finally have a week off.


    Ramble over. Have you found out about uni yet?

  15. mm same


    lool it does sunds weird.. dont know how you'd make it better though..

    they look at your portfolio then if they like it you're in haha, and also you have to be better than loads of other people because that uni gets shitloads of applications :(


    I really like the word peninsula :D / random :chuckle:

    yeah i guess so.. but then if we're talking humungous then we're a ball of rock with some water pulled onto it.. the whole planet is an island :eek:


    me too, been such a boring week :LOL:

    ooh have fun :happy: i really need to see some live music..

    oh wow, lucky haha, I'm the only person in my family with a passport :facepalm: really annoying, and their excuse for never going abroad on holiday :indiff:

    i spose.. i was

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