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  1. I really enjoyed it, especially the way they’ve tied the whole narrative together and it makes “sense” having seen the live show a few times. I guess with the quality of cameras out there the band have tried to do something different as there’s so much fan footage available on Youtube now. I get that the box sets also tie-in with the whole theme of the tour and the 80s vibe, but seems like its pretty expensive for what it is. Maybe i’m just getting old though 😃
  2. No. Tickets: 2 Type: Standing Date: Tuesday 17th September 2019 Venue: Arena Birmingham Price: £75.00 ea Contact: mikeyadams@mac.com Late notice I know, but something has come up meaning we can't go tomorrow... Any takers? Tickets are in hand and can post in next hour or so for next day delivery.
  3. My original pre-sale email arrived at about 13:45, so I guess there was a hiccup along the way somewhere.
  4. Seems to be the norm for a lot of the really big groups now unfortunately. I don't know if its just down to availability of arenas and stadiums or something else, but the trip down to Manchester or London is becoming annoyingly regular for me. Don't get me wrong, I like going down to England and will often make a trip of it, but when its just for a gig, its adding a lot of time and money to the whole thing which is starting to get tiresome, especially now that the kids are really in to their live music too.
  5. Just had to keep refreshing the checkout pages - looks like it was timing out trying to verify the card. Thanks to those who posted the customer services email address, would have been lost without that.
  6. Really quick reply from customer services with a code, so that's brilliant service. Unfortunately I can't seem to get checkout to work, keeps timing out when trying to take payment.
  7. I try to see them on every tour and have done since the start... This was my first time seeing them with my son who has become a massive fan of theirs so I was feeling a bit old when he was asking if I remember when their first album came out as if it was 60 years ago and not "just" 20. We were standing and given his age we didn't go right down the front, but were off to the right of the B stage. The sound mix was really good to us although occasionally Matt's vocals seemed to drop off. But for the vast majority of the time it was clear and crisp. I quite liked The Etihad, had a bit of a bowl feeling about it and wasn't as cavernous feeling as some other stadiums I've been in. I know they'd said they couldn't go "bigger" with the stage setting and I loved what they did this time with the stage and the whole show as a spectacle - having the themes from Simulation Theory running through the whole thing was great and worked so well. Personally, I liked hearing so much of the new album and the songs sit alongside their older stuff really well. I don't find it jarring like you do with some bands who mix old and new stuff. The main thing is their new stuff is really good, so they're way off being one of those heritage bands just touring a greatest hits setlist. There's time for that in another 20 years time! I feel really lucky to see shows like that as that's what they are - shows. Not just gigs. There's some great bands out there who put on a great gig with very little theatre around it which is fine, but its a very different sort of experience. Its not necessarily better, its just different. Few bands have the money, luxury and imagination to put on a great show like Muse do in a place of that size. Anyway, main thing was my son absolutely loved it. Every time I looked over he was grinning from ear to ear. They played all his favourite tracks, including Uprising, which I remember him bopping along to in his child seat in the back of the car - now that made me feel old!
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